Friday, August 22, 2008

Sometimes the littlest ones are the hardest….

Finally I’ve finished a small quilt I’ve been stuck on all year! It was one of those pieces where you make the focal area first and then find it impossible to finish.. The focal area is generally about a quarter of the total area, which means you have 75% still to resolve!

Here’s the bit I’d done:

It’s pieced and embroidered – my original inspiration was an odd little painting by Egon Schiele – better known for his, er, more anatomical paintings!! But he also did some wonderful old cityscapes and landscapes, including strange little funky trees. We also have plenty of strange funky trees on our 10 acres, especially old dogwoods and redbuds.

But having got this nice little piece, I felt it was just too small by itself and really needed to be set off against something. First I tried it against plain black – ugh horrid!! Looked like some kind of funeral card… I didn’t really want to introduce any more elements or colours – I audited boxes of fabric ..and t hen just left it alone for months. Finally one day when looking for something else I came across a bit of shiboried discharge I’d done on a big pipe last year – not easy! Handling a 5 foot length of pipe and bleach! And of course, idiot that I am, I seemed to have cut the piece down after making it!! So now it was smaller than my trees/window element. But I felt it went so well, echoing the movement of the branches and the light on the window, that I cut down the embroidered center piece to fit.

So here it is:

I don’t have a name for it, though!!! So if you can think of something both pertinent and lyrical and funky (hmm, is that possible?) – please send it to me!!!

And if you have been, thanks for reading!


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