Large Quilts for sale

Here's a selection of  the larger quilts I currently have for sale; please email me about any that are not mentioned that are on my website since almost all my quilts are for sale.   I don't like keeping them hidden away in cupboards; I would much rather they were out in the world being enjoyed, than "on the shelf"!

The quilts have a sleeve at the top and bottom for slats.
Shipping is free within the USA if you do not need the slats.
(I use wood at the top, and aluminum flat bar at the bottom)
Slats can be included for a small extra charge to cover their cost
plus that of the higher shipping.

Please email me if you are interested or if you have any questions!
And, if you have been, thanks for looking!

Legacy  44"w, 62"h, POR

Overture 35"w, 46.5"h $1795
Overture began with a memory of a specific doorway, but could be any doorway that is the beginning of something; I hope I've created a sense of anticipation in this piece, uncertainty but strength and a belief in oneself.  It's all pieced, from black and white sateen, with a very few smidges of hand-dyed fabric.

The Affluent Drainpipe 37"w, 55"h, $ $1895
This quilt is one of my series based on the old medieval timbered houses in England; on this house the facade was dominated by the drainpipe, a very fancy regal structure!  The piece is about the fascinating  abstract interreactions of the black and white patterns on the houses.
Square Mile Gallery, Atlanta

Rainy Rainy Night  58.5"w, 35"h, $2900
This quilt was in Visions a couple of shows back (before it got too expensive to enter).  In this piece I used the patterning of the shibori dyeing to create the effect of a rainy night, dark and wintry.  We are going through tough times but within home and family there is warmth and light.

 Cement Works (41.5"w, 40"h), $1795
This quilt is about the old Cement Works in Athens, GA.  It's a stunning structure, the towers rise up into the air and are connected by strange complicated gantries.  There's a dusty old dowager beauty to the area: beauty created from rust, rain and much use.  We should preserve these old industrial buildings and recognize their raffish charm! 
 Ferrybridge 58"w, 60"h, ($3800)
This quilt is a remembrance of the cooling towers we used to see on our way home to the North of England.  An awesome sight, a strange alien beauty dominating the landscape, towering over the little houses.  This quilt is in Signature Shop and Gallery, Atlanta.

 Strange Beauty,(54.5"w, 40"h)(sold)
The steel mills in Hamilton Ontario seen across the lake, fantastical shapes and connections.

 Elusive Beauty (46"w, 65"h), ($3900)
A detail of the local cement works, towering shapes, strange connecting gantries, in the red light of the late winter evening.

Black and White, No grey (38"w, 53"h) $ 2800

This abstract piece reflects an intertwining and interdependence with each colour retaining its own personality.  Basically I just love black and white pieces that look a bit like woodcuts!  There is also a lot of hand stitching echoing the fluidity of the long beautiful shapes.
 Electric Fields (44.5"w, 34"h) ($2500)
This is another view of the cooling towers based on a photograph taken from the train across long grass meadows.  The whole piece is extensively hand stitching, detail available on request.

 Pond through the Trees (30"h, 60"w) $1750)
I walk by the neighborhood pond everyday and look at the changing light on the water and the different graphic patterns the trees, the grass and the distant dam make.
St. Ives (34"h, 62"w) $2200
St Ives is a town in Cornwall, old stone houses clustered together with lots of tan coloured lichen on the roofs.  The day I visited it was hazy and the outlines shifted with a mysterious  push/pull.  
This quilt features a complex double discharge arashi surface design technique with a lot of hand stitching.