Small Quilts for sale

All my quilts are for sale!
The quilts all have a sleeves on the back for a pole, larger pieces have a bottom sleeve too -
an extra slat there helps them to hang nice and flat.
Please email me if you are interested or if you have any questions!
Shipping costs depend on the method you prefer.

And, if you have been, thanks for looking! Elizabeth

The First Machine 33"w, 20"h $200

Green 6, 11"w, 13"h $100

Colliery,18”w, 24”h, $475

Bluebeard’s Castle, 18”, 24” h, $475

Above  Woodland House, $350 (26" square)

There is also a larger version....48h 35w....$750

Tracy St Silos 18”w,24”h $475

 Storm Dance 18"w, 22.5"h  $150
If you have been, thanks for Browsing!              Elizabeth
PS Comments are welcome!