Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Social isolation getting to you??? But there are so many things to do!!!

Social isolation getting to you??? I know it is to a lot of people, I've had emails from all over the world....but in a weird way I'm kinda enjoying this time. No social obligations! No trying to decide between this restaurant and that, whether or not to go to a concert, or a dance. or join a group. Instead...looking around at home and finding that... .... there are so many things to do!!! Like many people, I thought this is a wonderful opportunity to do some cleaning, sorting, throwing away. But first...being now "free" to do it, as it were (!), I thought I'll wash all my bras at once!! Something you can only do when you don't have to go out - and don't expect "company"!!
Then I started looking through my clothes and fabrics to see what could go to the thrift store....I used to live in an area that produced a lot of textiles especially the wonderful Liberty of London fabric...and it's definitely "too good to throw away" !!!! don't you just remember your mother telling you that??? so I gathered a big pile of old Liberty cotton lawn clothes:
I cut them apart, ironed the pieces of fabric, and started cutting simple shapes...then got a bit carried away!!! changing this and that and generally just having fun... like all creative people I'm plagued with the wotifitis! Now what if I cut this this way...or what if I rearrange things that way....or what if I add this other fabric.... and so I cut and sewed....and arranged...and then discovered I had enough for a nice quilt for the piano!! (or a bed!). The quilt looked so pretty...interesting AND I retraced some of my steps to make several short videos and put those together into a little class to upload to the Academy of Quilting, a great website that hosts all my online classes (for individual coaching apply direcly to me personally at elizabethmasterclass AT The new class will be available very soon, but you can sign up now if you've a mind to! It's short and inexpensive. The main thing is...take this time to look around you and become more aware of all the wonderful things that we DO have: all of nature...and all our own innate creativity. Begin by asking....What if I......? And do write and tell me where that led you!!! If you have been, thanks for reading.... Elizabeth

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Being creative in uncreative times

You know, being isolated and at home a LOT more! gives one time to sort things out and look back at old work. I came across the quilt above that I made years and years ago, quite possibly in another century! I decided that it needed a little improvement! so using photoshop elements (could have used GIMP a free download and very good, or any of a number of photo imaging programs, but just happened to have PSE and be familiar with it - the key!), I decided it looked a little murky, so upped the color saturation. also increased the contrast. Then I felt that it was really the wrong shape...I love horizontal views of you see out of clerestory I altered the shape too. and came up with this:
Those 3 little alternations make ALL the difference in how it looks. I don't think it needs any more. would be interesting to see it in black and birch trees in a winter forest:
hmm!!! I'm quite inspired!!! you know it's impossible to be creative looking at a blank sheet of paper/screen/design wall! Start with something from way way in the past...and just play with the image as I have. I didn't get into extracting details, that would be another interesting I think I might just make a cuppa tea and then see what details I can find.... And, of you have been! Thanks for reading...and remember, there's a wealth of possibility sitting right there in your photo album. Comments!!! please!!! thank you! Elizabeth