Medium Quilts for sale

Here are some medium sized and medium priced art quilts/fiber collages for sale.
I would much rather they were out in the world being enjoyed, than "on the shelf"!
The quilts have a sleeve at the top and bottom for slats.
Shipping costs dependent upon method chosen.
Slats could be included for a small extra charge to cover their cost plus that of the higher shipping.
Please email me if you are interested or if you have any questions!


 Separate and Together (33"w, 59"h)  $1400

 What Pretty Smoke! (36"w, 43"h) ($1400)

 A Summer Day, long ago (46"w, 28"h) (sold)

Botallack Mine 28"w, 39"h $995

                                                           This quilt was in Quilt National in 2007.
It's a little beauty with a lot of hand stitching on it as well as machine quilting.
Inspired by the old mines in Cornwall.

 All That Glitters is Not Gold (40"w, 18"h) ($600)

 Rusty Answer (41"w, 24"h) ($1200

Bicycle Boy 321"w, 47" h   $1900