Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Values of Winter

Winter is such a great time to see values...white and black and silvery grey...and all the subtly greyed colors... but actually you don't need to make all that detailed of a value sketch..

Here's a photograph:

Next I convert it to black and white - then I'm not distracted by the color.

I make a quick sketch of the darks only with a fat felt tip pen. If they make an interesting pattern..I'll follow that in my art work. If the pattern of darks is boring...then I'll tweak it a little. You can also see see if there are any major mistakes with balance, or rhythm. I find the position of the lights much less important...the weight is with the darks even if they're not all that apparent when the piece is finished.

Finally, I print out the photo and the value sketch - whether for a quilt or a painting -


and now I'm ready to make art!!! Stay safe and healthy - making art is not dangerous and you don't even need to wear a mask!! And, if you have been, thanks for reading...and please comment and tell me your working method...I'd love to know. elizabeth

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

My blog is NOT moving..........after all!

I made a new website with Go daddy.

It's fun! there are some new features that were easy to use, after a bit of wrangling...and I'm quite happy with it...or will be when I learn how resize images! And no it's not just a case of uploading smaller ones...alas. <\p>

A few kind readers of this blog suggested I add a blog to the website...great idea...and website builder says that's very possible...BUT you can only manage comments through a third party company whose wishes and desires you have to agree to! I checked on the internetfor reviews of this company...and I don't want somebody monitoring my blog or the in the end decided to simply put a link to THIS blog on the website.<\p>

so often these days, things are not what they seem. There is a commercial element underlying nearly everything. But art and music can still be enjoyed relatively free! Most of the big museums of the world have nearly all of their collection on line, photographed in hi res, lots and lots of music is available on you have a book or magazine to prop up in front of the screen though to read when the ads come!! or close your eyes and ears for a few moments calming meditation and slow breathing...<\p>

And we can create art ourselves! We can draw and paint and cut and sew and sing and dance!! And nobody can charge us for doing that, or require us to watch adverts while we're doing it, or monitor it in any way. <\P> Art we will go!!! to Art we will go. Hey Ho the merry o to Art we will go!! <\P>

So, if you have been, thanks for reading! And you can comment here...quite safely...and you won't be deluged with adverts if you do!!! Thank you. Elizabeth

Saturday, December 5, 2020

New Website

My new website is live! A few months ago I noticed the old website was frozen, couldn't update it. Several phone calls later to the provider revealed that they had completely redone the whole website creation program and I had to totally rebuild! since I made the previous one at least 20 years ago, maybe more! I was in considerable trepidation.....but..."with a little bit of help from my friends" (the Beatles always had the right lines!) I made it. Sure there is lots of polishing to do...but it's up!

Please go and visit...then come back here and tell me what you think!!! Try this link:

I have made about 300 quilts, obviously too boring for me and for you!! to upload them all, so I put up some of the ones I still have for sale, and several of my long time favorites, most of which are long gone! I hope they are someone else's favorites now!

I've also put up many watercolors...since I am spending more time on that these days... I've always made art work based on my daily life, and currently it's all about nature. Like everyone else, I'm not travelling to cities...but out in the park and the garden exploring nature. Watercolor is a medium exquisitely appropriate for nature being so uncontrollable!!! S

o please look...and feel free to make critical comments too...especially if you have the solution!!!!

If you have been, thanks for reading. Elizabeth