Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Values of Winter

Winter is such a great time to see values...white and black and silvery grey...and all the subtly greyed colors... but actually you don't need to make all that detailed of a value sketch..

Here's a photograph:

Next I convert it to black and white - then I'm not distracted by the color.

I make a quick sketch of the darks only with a fat felt tip pen. If they make an interesting pattern..I'll follow that in my art work. If the pattern of darks is boring...then I'll tweak it a little. You can also see see if there are any major mistakes with balance, or rhythm. I find the position of the lights much less important...the weight is with the darks even if they're not all that apparent when the piece is finished.

Finally, I print out the photo and the value sketch - whether for a quilt or a painting -


and now I'm ready to make art!!! Stay safe and healthy - making art is not dangerous and you don't even need to wear a mask!! And, if you have been, thanks for reading...and please comment and tell me your working method...I'd love to know. elizabeth


Lee said...

This is a good demo of getting interesting lines down in a thumbnail sketch,reducing the image to its key shapes. I must practice this more in my sketchbook. So much "arting" to do! Glad you are staying healthy.

elle said...


Elizabeth Barton said...

Thank you Lee and Elle!!.....
yes the more you practice the more you can see the lines and big shapes in an abstract manner...and interestingly, you become so much more aware of values everywhere!