Wednesday, May 8, 2019

New Ventures, upcoming classes.

Quilt: Runner (about 50" wide)

After a break due to health problems, I'm starting to teach again...mainly online...but also around and about in Georgia.  
And not just art quilting!  but of course that is my main love...and where I have learned so much.

I have always felt the best way to learn something really well, and to get more and more in depth with one's learning is to teach.

Given that, I'm going to be teaching a painting class here in the Athens, GA area...every Wednesday 1.30-3pm.   I have never before taught a class that was a continuous weekly class and I'm so looking forward to working within a different format....if the class has enough people (and the minimum is only four so it should) we can go forward as long as we want.  That way I will be able to see how people develop and grow, and see their special interests...and as they learn, I will learn.

Painting: Light Takes the Tree

The class is at the Winterville Community Center    and starts May 15th.
I'm teaching mainly acrylic painting, but this is a water we'll also be thinning it down and using it like well as using it thick where emphasis and opacity is required - the best of both worlds!!

Actually, just in case you're wonder, I did offer to teach quilting, but they already have a quilting teacher, and are more interested in a traditional approach - I'm a bit way out there for the average quilter!!!

I do have a quilting class starting this Friday May 10th with the Academy of Quilting.
It's called More Abstract Art for Quilters.   I have two parallel abstract art for quilters can take them in any order, and there's no overlap in the content.
The one starting this Friday shows how to create designs based on inspirations from the well know Big Names of abstraction...and also describes some of the of this genre.

Abstract art gives art quilt designers an incredible amount of inspiration when it comes to creativity.  In the class I show you how to take an idea from an abstract paint, spin it, mix it, whirl it, simplify it, extract the essence of it....and come up with many different ways to create designs.
It's a lot of fun!!  Having come up with the designs, then we look how to choose the best ones, how to strengthen them (if needed) and then how to build a quilt based on that design...There's a lot of hands on from me...if you want!!!  I'm happy just to stand back and admire when that is more appropriate!

Happy to answer any questions...about either class....or any teaching gigs within driving distance of Athens....just email me at:  elizabethmasterclass   AT
And, if you have been, thanks for reading!    Elizabeth