Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Calendar

I decided to make a calendar – I’m going to England to visit friends and family and I’m sure they’re all sick of hand dyed silk scarves – my usual offering!!! Plus non quilters just don’t value intriguing pieces of Artist Made Fabric (AMF) that the rest of us would drool over!

So…I thought…a calendar of my art quilts – you can never have too many calendars. And if it ends up in the loo – it may well be the recipient of hours of pensive speculation!!!

At first I thought I’d do it on line – but they’re very pricey, and there are all kinds of restrictions – you can’t have different sizes etc…and no idea as to how long it would take.

So then I thought – well I’ll go buy an ’09 calendar and just photocopy it and stick pictures of my quilts over the kittens etc. Well, there’d been a tax free day and would you know it, people who shop on tax free days stock up on calendars!

I remembered then that there is a mathematically limited number of days on which any given January 1st can occur – and sure enough on line I soon found out that 2009 will be the same as 1998!!! And of course you know who can’t throw away all those lovely inspirational pictures! Actually I had 3 different 1998 calendars to choose from!

After that, it was easy – scan in the calendar, cut out the month, place it on a blank “page” in photoshop, place a picture of a quilt on top, text box for name of quilt and “2009” having brushed out “1998” – and Bob’s your uncle!!

Now I need to go find a copy shop to spirally bind….and I’m away!

I love hand made pressies!

And, if you have been, thanks for reading….


PS I have no idea where the weird colours came from!! but I rather like that red sky....hmmmmm......

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Crazy for Art said...

Gee,I wish I were a relative, I'd like one too!