Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Remains of the dye….

Oh yes, I love dreadful puns – as well as mixed metaphors! I never change horses in midstream without checking to see if the stones have moss on them!

But, back to the remains: I have found that the most useful pieces of my Artist Made Fabric (AMF) havn’t been the lovely clear images I’ve carefully printed, but rather the odd corners – and especially the sections where I just wiped off the remains of the dye clinging to the squeegee. You can get really neat mixtures of colour if , instead of scraping off the squeegee into a waste bucket, you just scrape it along the fabric…so I’ll print print print and then scrape along all the edges. Co-ordinating fabric!

I love to print, dye, paint etc all my own fabric, but it can be daunting to actually cut (split infinitives are permitted these days along with hairs!) the AMF up into little pieces!

The fabrics that are the hardest to slice into are the big pieces that appear to have overall impact in themselves. Here are some examples that have been mouldering under my cutting table for a year or more!

I realize though that unless the piece of fabric completely sums up the main idea you want to express in your piece, the idea of using it as a whole piece is a siren calling you onto the rocks.
Take the scissors to the sirens!

Rayna suggests you cut into the section you like the least – another possibility might be to keep the fabric folded so that you look at it as a piece of fabric and not a whole work of art.

Hmmm….maybe if I folded them a different way……



Fulvia said...

I, too, print, paint and/or dye the cloth that I work with. One way in which sometimes I have gotten past the hurdle you are discussing here is by, literally, turning the piece on its head ... or its side ... or even flip it to the reverse, and then slice it. I need to remove from my mind's eye the memory of what it believes is there by changing how I look at it. Only then, having removed the 'it' that made it uncuttable in the first place, I am able to proceed and, perhaps, give it an even better purpose. I have, on occasion, been so attached to a piece that I had to cut it using my non-dominant hand just so I could be looser and not have control of the outcome. Just something I thought I would share with you.

It is nice to meet you here,

Fulvia Luciano

Del said...

My literal mind identifies the piece second from bottom as "Autumn Sunset"! Don't cut it up, just quilt it!!

Elizabeth Barton said...

it's an idea, Del!!!!

Susan Italo said...

Sigh. Cutting up my big, beautiful pieces of dyed art cloth... but there's so much to look at there! What if I wreck it? Or, what if I make it bigger, better and more beautiful?! Still, it does take a bit of marinating on my shelf before I can muster up the courage to cut!