Sunday, August 10, 2008

QBL 3, cutting into fabric and nitrogen

Yes 3 odd bedfellows for topics I agree! But these are some of the many simultaneous thoughts that swirl around in my brain. I wonder just how many ideas one can experience at once? That would have been a lot more interesting to study for my PhD!!!

First: QBL – the third (and final) set of pictures from my class. Note that most of the pieces were not complete but were excellent beginnings and middles!!. I love the repetitions that were used by many people to give great rhythm to their piece. Without rhythm, cacophony!!

Second: Cutting into hand dyed fabric…seems like both Rayna Gillman and Diane Perrin Hock have been discussing this on line. I used to be very wary of cutting into expensive commercial fabric ( I have boxes of untouched Liberty lawn to prove it!), but since I started making my own fabric (I dye, paint and print it all these days), I’ve not had a problem with taking the scissors or rotary cutter to it. My thought is always that I can make some more…and next time it will be a little different and therefore will add some interest to my piece! I do agree with Diane that work based on what I call a “cor blimey” piece of fabric (with no judicious editing and additions to aid composition and add negative space) is very weak. And clarting it up with beads etc doesn’t help!!! Turning soup into lumpy soup doesn’t necessarily improve its visual impact!

Third: Nitrogen in your tires. During a routine service to my car, the service manager persuaded me to agree to the tires being deflated and refilled with nitrogen. This will improve my gas mileage, life of the tire and all creative activities! $40 poorer (just think how much dye that would buy!) I came home and checked the benefits of nitrogen on the internet – general consensus – absolute waste of money in ordinary street cars – be warned!

and, if you have been, thanks for reading!!



Del said...

"clarting it up"??
I can't find that in the dictionary and have never heard it before. Pls adv.

Elizabeth Barton said...

definition of clart:

v. t. 1. To daub, smear, or spread, as with mud, etc.

usually means to cover a surface with unwanted stuff - as in a woman with make up clarted all over her face!!!

Rayna said...

Ha, and I thought it was a typo and should have been "tarting it up." Clart - what a lovely addition to my vocabulary, thanks Elizabeth!

Off-line, Diane and I discussed the overload of embellishments that people think make something "art." Makes me shudder.

I make people cut into their precious hand-prints by telling them to take the piece they like least and start with that. Works like a charm.

Sandy said...

"This will improve my gas mileage, life of the tire and all creative activities! $40 poorer..."

Oh Elizabeth- you misunderstood him- it improves HIS gas mileage, tire life, and HIS creative endeavors! Too bad you can't do much with nitrogen---or can you??? (I'm gonna go wash off my clart now.) said...

Cor Blimey and Clarting, closely related to "tarting it up" are great new additions to my art speak vocabulary. While I don't usually clart (is this a verb?), I do commit cor blimey, and recognize there is too much or something missing, but really struggle to figure out what to do. So, I'm a recovering cor blimist and fail from time to time to achieve minimalist design. Thanks for your perception, and great humor. Rosemary