Friday, August 8, 2008

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I’m back home after a great 2 weeks – first at Quilting by the Lake (QBL) at
Morrisville, NY, secondly in Canada. Above is a picture of the view outside our classroom window – which was stunning!

I was teaching a design class at QBL and here are some of the pieces that were made in the class. Inspired by photographs they had brought with them, the ladies in the class each sketched out several possibilities for a quilt design. These were then discussed as to their compositional strengths, value studies were then shaded in and finally several colour exercises to develop a strong coherent colour scheme for the chosen piece.

Everyone did great work, and all were totally different – I’ll show more in the next few days.

I didn't crop Barbara's piece too much - so you can see the great view she had next to her work space.

This was the last year for the workshop to be held in Morrisville, alas – I loved the views and the long walks across campus in all the beautiful scenery. Next year QBL is moving to Syracuse and it will be much more convenient and cooler for everyone – I shall be there in the second week. I’ll be teaching design again, but focusing this time on developing a series of pieces.

After QBL, I went home with Carol Taylor for a couple of days and enjoyed her spacious studio – I didn’t mess it up as several had suggested I might!! check it out on her website!

From Carol’s home I went around Lake Ontario to Burlington, Ontario – a very pretty small town in Canada. I love to go sailing, though it’s a rare treat. Here’s a picture of me on Lake Ontario – the motor on our boat wouldn’t start so we couldn’t get back into the marina and had to be “rescued” – hence the second boat lashed to ours. As you can see I was a nervous wreck!!!!

More pictures tomorrow.


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