Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ueland and Zorba: the full catastrophe and the inspiration.

I’ve been reading more in the Brenda Ueland book (If you Want to Write) particularly about inspiration – and the finding thereof. She feels that it’s something that slowly creeps up on you when you’re in a dreamy mood. Sometimes I like to walk in a kind of loose relaxed flowing way trying to drop all sensory barriers and letting all the sensations (visual, aural, tactile etc) enter and be appreciated in their “Full Catastrophe”. I don’t take Zorba’s line to mean negative things – but rather to appreciate the totality of it all – everything – the complete panoply. Sense everything!

Above is the view from my sewing machine – I do seem to spend a lot of time just gazing out of the window, but according to Ueland this will welcome the Muses! As you can see I finally got this small nameless piece off the wall and onto the sewing machine….

I need a name for it..the piece is about “the light on the edge of the buildings where they are seen against the water beyond”…but that’s too long to fill out on show applications!!

Perhaps someone can put that into as memorable a phrase as Zorba’s!


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