Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How to recognize seduction

As usual I’m working on several pieces at once…sometimes this is because one piece is at the sketch stage, one is at the design wall blocking out stage, one at the handstitching stage etc…I find that getting away from a piece by switching to working on something else helps to give me a little more perspective and distance.

Here's a detail of the piece on the design wall....

It’s so easy to get seduced by one little bit and not be able to give it up even though it clearly doesn’t fit in with the rest of the piece. Here is an example from today – I like the clarity and boldness of the two black/white/blue window shapes.......

….. but they really don’t go with the soft mood and colours of the rest of the piece…
.so here in image B they’ve been removed (as well as that looming triangle!)– I hope for the better!!

And this is my current piece that is being handstitched while watching telly and
drinking a little libation to the quilt gods!
(yes, drinking not pouring!
definitely not drowning!)).

I am trying out some white scatter stitches
on a black background –

they look like little shards of glitter in the midnight air…

is this going to be one of those seductions?


1 comment:

Deb Lacativa said...

Ack...I recognize it coming like a distant train. The question is WHAT are you going to do for stitching elsewhere????

I didn't know you had taken to hand work - thought you were a pedal-to-the-metal machine fiend.