Monday, June 16, 2008



Inspiration can come from every sense – and also from every thought and memory. Today on my morning walk I saw the light edged grasses in the meadow at the end of the street. The owner lets all the wild grasses grow up and there are many different colours and shapes and fronds…all backlit early in the morning. What a quilt that would be! (Please scroll down for pictures, I havn't yet figured out how to get the photographs where I (as opposed to Mr Blogger!) want them to be!)

I walked by the sycamore tree down by the pond and its distinctive woody smell reminded me of a long ago walk in a sycamore grove in a London park – I’ve completely forgotten which park or who I was with but I remember the long line of trees, the sycamore smell and the shapes of the leaves – another quilt!!

The sharp amazingly loud call of the wrens as I came back down the drive reminded me of the shibori background I’ve put into several quilts – I like that edgy contrast between the sharpness and the soft roundness of the wren – can you see the contrast in the quilts? I hope so!


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