Saturday, June 14, 2008

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

It’s like magic!!! When you slowly lift up the screen…and look to see what wonders appeared with a few swooshes of the squeegee!! Even though I seem to be making solid colour (well solidish!) quilts right now, my dyeing heart is still firmly in screen printing.

There are so many different possibilities and so many inspiring stimuli out there!!

Above and below are examples from my recent experience.

First is a picture of the waves in south Carolina…..and next my first attempt to imitate some of those lines and movements…

I definitely want to try this again with one of my really big screens (I’ve a 40” square one and a 50” by 25”).

The images also remind me of the wonderful Moroccan rugs currently on show at the Cavin Morris gallery.

The third picture is a deconstructed* (Kerr Grabowski) screen inspired by the bird netting I’ve had to drape over just about everything in the garden – thanks to those dratted deer who ate all my beautiful flowers (and leaves!) that I could see through the studio window.

If only we could turn deer into energy!!


*Deconstructed basically means you turn the whole thing on its head and do it all backwards and you get amazing results!!! Instead of putting the thickened dye on the cloth you put it on the screen - and of course, not infrequently if you're me, on yourself!! (contact me if you're interested in a workshop on temporary screen printing using dye).

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Deb Lacativa said...

You CAN turn deer into energy - it's called Venison.LOL

That last image is pretty interesting. I've given up trying to figure out what "de constructed" means here. Is it the screen, the process or the design idea??? I'll KG on my "when I win the lottery" class list.