Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day Two

I really should be standing at the design wall...trying this and trying that...but instead I'm trying to learn how to blog. I'm hopeful that all the cogitation required will stimulate the growth of new little grey cells! Or even big grey cells, I don't mind the size!
today I began preparing for a screen printing workshop by mowing the lawn - or, as we call it, the "mixed grasses" that provide a modest green sward....that's a strange way to start a workshop - but I'm fortunate in that half my dye studio is an outside space under a metal roof - so the breezes flow through and the garden (what's left of it after deer have eaten the hostas and birds the berries) is all around. I've soda soaked about 500 yards (well it feels like it!) of good old Test fabric 419 and it's on the line drying in the free heat provided by SheAlmighty's dryer!!
The alginate is mixed....lovely gloopy stuff!! Looks like honey, but..don't think I'll taste it!
next to mix up some dye concentrate.....and then get some chocolate - another vital ingredient!
My friend Jeanne Williamson
suggested I add a link to her blog and she'll link to me!! but as you can see I havn't figured out how to do that on a permanent basis - so she'll have to hope I love her enough to mention her in every post!
I also havn't figured out the image option - but I'll describe the piece I'm working on: it's a fantastic inspiring awesome image that will bring about world peace and will be sure to garner me a Nobel prize!!
for real life :) check out the website!
soon I will begin to write amazing short essays full of truth and beauty .....


Anonymous said...

one person gets the SheAlmighty reference! and i also agree, elizabeth, that cholocate is an integral part of the creative process, or indeed, life itself :P

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Elizabeth, found a link to your blog on Deb Lacativa's... welcome to blog-dom, and enjoy! It's a great way to link to others in the world of fiber artists/surface designers, not to mention closet writers! BTW, I love your work! You are a serious inspiration... thanks!

Judy Sall

Joanne S said...

Welcome! Linked from Deb Lactiva to you but I also read Jeanne's blog.

I visit Georgia in september so hope you have some class "cooking' at that time. Would love to print fabric and dye stuff. too cold here in Maine.