Thursday, May 29, 2008

It’s done!! (…or is it?...)

How d’you know when a piece is “right” and needs nothing more doing to it?

"When you've just done it, you're not sure. But when you've sat with it for a couple of hours and you don't want to do anything more to it, that's a great feeling." (Damien Hirst)

Lucky Damien!! Only 2 hours! It takes me days, if not weeks…sometimes I have to just put a piece away as an unquilted top and leave it “to mature” in the cupboard for several weeks before I know if it’s any good.

Yes I hear you!! “What d’you mean “good”?”

Well, by “good” I mean that I achieved my goal, I made the statement I wished to make and I did it in a way that is fresh, clear and clean and in my own voice. It’s the piece when if you see it in a show you are immediately drawn to it, you spend some time exploring it, and after you’ve seen everything else you come back to it…and weeks later remember it…of course thinking – oh how I wish I’d made that piece!!

Some things do help – looking at the piece in a mirror is a time-honoured way, or taking a picture and looking at it on the computer, getting some distance away so the details (oh drat those details that narrow our vision!!) are blurred…but of course the real judge is time.

What d’you think?


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