Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Which piece shall I enter?

Choosing which pieces to enter which shows is so difficult….

At the moment I’m totally enthralled with some very graphic black and white pieces
(Buildings Gallery on the web page) but it seems these are not going down well with jurors (except for AQE – thank you!!)…

While my close friends say: “Oh your strongest work!”...the jurors say no thanks, and people passing by just go “hmm”. Maybe the friends are just being kind? Or about to ask me a favour??!!!

Do you select for entry those ideas that are more likely to please, ideas that have been accepted before, those that get an “ahhhh” when you project them? Or the ones that really engross and intrigue you personally despite little response from the world at large:

And which is the better piece? It’s easy to spot work that is unresolved, chaotic, simplistic, imitative, unbalanced, muddy etc…but beyond those obvious flaws judgments are much finer. And does a juror with a 30 second look at an image on a screen (in the warm dark!) have time to make such distinctions?


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Deb Lacativa said...

I've been struggling with the same puzzle and I am inclined to get out a dartboard to make selections because there seems to be no second (or third) guessing judges anywhere.

I'm more inclined to want to "move" the things I am working on most recently, the pieces that engage me must SURELY engage the judges, no?
_NO_ I guess.