Sunday, May 25, 2008

Teaching workshops

Why do it? (financial concerns aside)

I have several reasons.

Meeting other like minded folk is great – we speak the same language, have the same dreams and hopes – and know the same names, so the gossip can proliferate!

I retired from a “helping profession” thinking I was tired of helping folk, then soon realized I really miss the kick of helping someone move forward in a direction they want to go. There’s a real shared exhilaration when they (and I) make a creative discovery. What I was tired of was bureaucracy!!

However I don't expect everyone in a workshop to want to "progress" one way or another – I’m perfectly happy to have people there who just want to enjoy the moment. Being in a workshop is one of the greatest delights for them – and that’s good too.

And I loved the pragmatism of the lady who told me she took my class because it had the shortest supply list!

Also I get to go interesting places – places I’ve never been to before at all (I’m hoping to get invited to Iceland, the Maine coast (in summer!), Hawaii and Alaska!)…and I’m learning so much patience navigating and waiting in airports!


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