Monday, May 19, 2008

Day One

When first you start to write a blog,
one hopes one's thoughts will transcend the fog,
But...I fear instead they may descend - and clog
the creative inner light, the fire within the bog..
but...let us try...

And so to begin.....with doggerel! well it can be said to be rhythmic and definitely unified in its theme - even a hint of tension therewithin! so it may be that from this start increased coherence will spring forth!

Every day I try to work on something creative - usually in fabric, my accustomed medium.
today the task was to try to balance the different layers of a black and white piece inspired by old buildings in my home town of York, England. Will this design and building stand? or will they fall, unbalanced. Will the piece be boring? I need to give it some more zest! but not so much that chaos results. this is the eleventh piece in the Black/White building series ( the ten so far are on my website:

and if you have been....thank you for reading!!! Elizabeth

1 comment:

Deb Lacativa said...

Great to see an informed voice in blogland!

Your ears must have been burning to have launched this blog just yesterday!

I am delighted to be among the first to read or comment. Your inbox might also be bursting with emails regarding someone's take(on the SAQA list) on your opinion of the art quilt world in general, with which I totally agree.