Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Arrowmont Class

Overlook (my view on the drive to Arrowmont, in the Smoky Mountains)

In July I'm teaching at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN.
Arrowmont is a wonderfully inspiring place - they have held classes there since the 1920s. It was originally a settlement school for the local children, but gradually focussed more on teaching arts and crafts. It's now internationally recognized for the workshops. The facilities are super. Having taught classes in hotels, in multipurpose college buildings, and in conference centers, it is so wonderful to teach in a purpose built facility.

Evening sky sitting outside the library at Arrowmont, TN

They have specific studios for many different arts and crafts: Fiber and surface Design of course, but also Woodturning, Clay, Photography, Jewelry, Glass and Stone and paper. Each week in the summer, fall and spring they run 8-10 weeklong classes in a variety of mediums. During the workday you work in your own specific medium, but at meal times and for the evening programs you meet people in all other mediums. Each of the teachers does a short presentation plus there's a very attractive gallery filled with the teacher's work.

And, an art store, AND a great library! They have a good variety of accommodation to suit everyone's taste, and talking of taste - the food is great! The whole school buzzes with excitement the whole week, there's such a sense of energy present, it is really inspiring. They get the Best teachers, and I'm very fortunate to be teaching there again this July. There are only a handful of places like Arrowmont in the US ( I can think of Penland in NC, John C. Campbell in TN, Haystack in Maine...leave me a comment if I'm missing anywhere!).
This link will take you to the registration and class list.

My class this summer is entitled: Coaxing the Muse: Art Quilts and Wall Hangings

This workshop will explore the process of becoming Inspired!
Inspiration is the drawing into yourself from other sources the five elements from which we make work: line, shape, value, hue and texture.
Exhalation is bringing forth these elements transformed by the catalysts of our thoughts, sensitivities, feelings, hands and humour - together with the magic of dye and scissors – into something new and fresh!
The medium we will use for this alchemical process is fiber – we will turn plain white boring cotton into brilliant sparkling exciting works of art.
You do not need to be a certified wizard to effect these changes!
Any one who has ever petted a piece of fabric or stroked a sewing machine can participate!

I hope to see you there!!! Do email me if you have any questions, or just ask them in a comment.
And, if you have been, thanks for reading!

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