Friday, December 12, 2008

Quilt gives birth to sextuplets!

Have you ever had one of those quilts that just didn’t work because you put too many ideas into it?

Drying 39 x 58

Well, take heart!!

With the aid of a rotary cutter and a glass of wine (rather than scalpel and anaesthesia!), I was able to release 6 little baby quilts from the motherlode….(I love switching metaphors in midstream, don’t knock it!! It’s great mental exercise – 3 mixed metaphors a day and you’ve warded off Alzheimers…at least for a few hours!)…

and here are the little dears:

In the Garden 1

In the Garden 2

In the Garden 3

In the Garden 4

In the Garden 5

In the Garden 6

It’s surprising what treasures you can find when you begin to zoom in on a piece…I’ve become so fond of one of these that I may just have to keep it!! For the moment though, they are all up for adoption on my ebarton store blog!

And, if you have been, thanks for reading!



Deb Lacativa said...

So THAT's the secret ingredient - Wine!

Here I am waffling about cutting up three medium sized ones to sew together to make one BIG one and you are hacking up a big one to get a whole crew of wonderful things.
It's all about the wine....

Anonymous said...

Fearless and a wine drinker! Excellent combination. Maybe the wine is the missing ingredient...

Libby Fife

Del said...

The first time I heard of anyone (Elizabeth Busch) cutting up a finished quilt I was so impressed that I went home and cut up one that was ready to bind and UGGLLY. I made placemats out of mine. EBusch made five quilts, one of which was in Visions - 1996.

Melody Johnson said...

You are so right to cut that big one up and now the small ones are just delicious! Bravo to you!