Saturday, December 6, 2008

Celebrating the Solstice

The best way to celebrate the Winter Solstice is with Art!!!

1. Treat yourself to a small piece of fiber art!

I have some nice small mounted pieces for sale on my other blog, and my friends

Dominie Nash,

Linda Levin


Jeanne Williamson

have similar small works online…take a look!

2. Read about art! My favorite art books are those full of pictures with very little copy!!

So make a list of your top ten favorite artists and visit Amazon for a nice used copy of books about them! I love the used books especially if there are intelligent little comments in the margins, or dedications. I have one that has on the flyleaf something like “I bought this book for you, my dearest darling, knowing that you would love and treasure it”. The book had obviously never been opened!!! That relationship was obviously doomed!

Some of my favorite art books include a big German one of August Macke’s watercolors, Mary Fedden and Mary Newcomb, and the series of coffee table books on watercolours edited by Christopher Finch. In the fiberworld, I’ve loved Nancy Crow’s first book, Joan Schulze's book and many of the Telos fiber art books. And for some writing you can get your teeth into: Kirk Varnedoe’s books – I especially enjoyed: Fine Disregard - if anyone has an old copy they don’t want – please send it to me!! There’s loads more I could mention – in fact, 3 stacks from beside my chair!! Lovely lovely books!

3. Enjoy the art of being in the moment by a cozy fire, in a room lined with books, a glass of wine or a delicious fresh cup of tea (no stewed water!), good chocolates (oh, ( for you taggers)– ONE undisclosed fact about me is that I used to work in a chocolate factory! Look at the picture of the clock on a box of After Eights and imagine me finding that about 100 years ago and sending it down to the Art and Marketing dept…) – eniow , enough of that! and chocolates, and crystallized ginger, and tea and mincepies with crispy apples slices!!

What are you waiting for??!!!

And, if you have been, thanks for reading…..



Jackie said...

Is that your quilt--or one you purchased? It is comforting and cozy, congenial and relaxing, very nice. You don't often do interiors. Music, books, tasty munchies, interesting ideas to ponder and congenial company--wish you were here!

Elizabeth Barton said...

Yes, I made that quilt a few years ago; it was one of a series about different hours in the day - that was "8pm" in our living room in winter!
I don't have any of them any longer.

I should revisit that series sometime!