Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dyeing to Design online class...

My Dyeing to Design class with the Academy of Quilting starts this Friday.  It's a really fun class that's aimed at both the beginning dyer and the person who wants to extend some of their dyeing practices.
I emphasize Safety and Ease of Use!

There are five design elements with which most 2D artists work and I've devised a dye technique that addresses each one.
So we start with value:

You can buy value strips like this one, but you can also make them with Photoshop or a similar photo manipulation program, I just began with white and added 10% black, then 20% and so on.

In the dye class we make fabric like this in the first week.
Then I give you suggestions on how to use this in a quilt.
Then we get to see everyone's lovely quilts!!   Especially me as I'm a big fan of black and white.

The second week we look at color:
Using just 6 different dyes (you really don't need more), we create all kinds of colors, discuss color schemes and make a quilt featuring one of them.

The third week we explore texture with tie dyeing, particularly the "storm" texture of arashi shibori where the cloth is twisted and tied onto a pipe.  You can create fabric like this:

The fourth week we create shapes with a variety of screen printing techniques:
And in the final week, we look at  line:
See the skinny lines on some of the tanks? 

Each week one or more new techniques, each week a quilt top the subject and size of your choice!

If you're interesting in joining us...please contact the Academy of Quilting! 
What's really fun is that you'll be joining people from around the world!!!  My current Working in Series class has people from the USA, Canada, Australia and Tasmania, New Zealand, Europe and the UK and Africa!!!

and now back to the sewing machine......if you have been, thanks for reading!!  Elizabeth
 PS  my website has moved: it's now: www.elizabethbarton.com and I've revamped it.
The old one was on the University of Georgia servers and in June they're going to close down all personal websites, so it's still running but will disappear soon.


Unknown said...

I took this class when it was on Quilt University and though I didn't do any of the dyeing I learned LOTS and LOTS about design. Take this class if you haven't. You won't be sorry!
Mary Helen in OR

Peneller said...

I've signed up for this class and can't wait to start! Recently I had the great good fortune to spend two days with Susan Denton learning about colour and value. Not long enough to do more an scratch the surface so I've got my dyes, fabric and drainpipe ready!

Elizabeth Barton said...

Thank you Peneller! I love Susan's work - and that part of the country - stayed a couple of weeks in St Just some years ago - actually in a cottage on the coast and it was magic!!
And thank you Mary Helen!! So glad you enjoyed the class.

Jackie said...

I took the class and learned so much from Elizabeth!! I'm incredibly impressed by all I learned!