Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Abstract Art for Quiltmakers.....

I've developed a new class called Abstract Art for Quiltmakers.
I just returned home from teaching it at the magnificent Alegre Retreat which is at the Gateway Canyons Resort in the far west of Colorado.
Here's a view of the amazing setting for this luxury resort:

See how beautifully the hotel fits into the landscape - unity with harmony indeed!!!  Five canyons meet and form a beautiful gentle green valley with the towering pink and orange (changing with the light) mesas uplifted all around.
I was in "high company":
 From left to right: me, Valerie Goodwin (teacher), her husband, Randolyn (KPM's right hand woman), Katie Pasquini Masopust (teacher and head organizer), Wendy Huhn (teacher).

I had a really superb classroom with amazing views, a giant photocopier and - best of all - a beautiful little HD theater with an IT guy on hand so I was able to show several Power Point presentations very easily.

I love this new class I've devised based on 20th Century abstract art - I've written an online version of it which will start next week at the Academy of Quilting.     It will also run later in the year if you're interested but too busy to take it right now.

Here's a selection of the students' work from last week:

What a wonderful selection of work!!!!  A big thank you to: Lynne, Penny, Gail, Valerie, Sandy, Janet, Peg, Lorraine, Lynn, Linda and Laura - you made my week!  and to all the staff at Gateway Canyons - the best teaching facilities I've encountered. 
I think the online class is going to be a great deal of fun too - I'm looking forward to seeing how it flies!
If you have been, thanks for reading....Elizabeth


Christine Staver said...

Elizabeth, Sounds like a good class and since I mostly do representational work it would be a good class for me to take. I think I will have to wait until our master class is over to take it, however. I have made the mistake in the past of trying to do too many things at once.

Quilt or Dye said...

I'm all signed up for the online course. Have had a bit of a loll in my art quilt making so this will be a good prod for me.

Turtlemoonimpressions said...

I'm bummed that I missed this! When's the next one?

Abstract Art said...