Sunday, November 29, 2009

The beginning of Winter

IMG_1857 The first rays of sun at dawn today.   This is a view we don’t get in summer as it’s hidden by leaves….the dark grey night sky being slowly lifted by the flash of white gold beneath.

And, ah, at last I have the dye studio put “to bed” for the winter…it’s great to see it clean and tidy.  Since the sun is so generous with its heat here in summer it seems right to use the high temperatures and humidity (so good for dye!) then - when they are both free and abundant.


I used the last of my dye concentrate (black)  to print up several yards of tree fabric for my industrial landscapes. Here “batching” on top of the computer – such a useful machine!….plenty of “free” heat (thank you Dell!)…..

I’ve made quite a bit of tree fabric this year;  I love the oxymoron of using nature inspired fabric in the industrial pieces.  


tracy st silos


As you can see in Tracy St Silo and Colliery below, I made the industrial architecture from fabric I’d monoprinted with leaf and branch shapes…my aim is this would be gradually realised – after the image as a whole had been observed.    I just hope I’m not being too subtle here!!   colliery detailExplanations are tedious for both the explainer and the explainee! (back to the dreary artist statement!)





I do have very mixed feelings about industrial sites, they definitely have a fascinating beauty with the colours of rust and tarnished metal, and with their intertwining shapes….but usually they are also designed to be extraordinarily unsympathetic towards the environment….maybe one day we can have both the interesting buildings and a reduced impact on nature.  For the time being, I’m  trying to bring the double message with these pieces.

And, if you have been, thanks for reading!   Elizabeth
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Anonymous said...

I am just leaving a comment to let you know I have been reading, and to say thank you for writing down your cogitations! I probably don't even show up in your visitor numbers because I use a reader, but rest assured I don't miss any of your entries.
Judy B

Virginia said...


I've thought such a lot about some of the things you said in earlier blogs, about Artist's statements and the theory of creating a piece that works, and appreciate your willingness to let us learn from you,

Thank you


Unknown said...

I read your blog often, view the pictures and think about what you have said. Thanks for sharing.


Jamie Fingal said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I love your work and the way you work - your thought process - as I think this part of the journey is quite interesting.

Rayna said...

I'm reading, as always - and enjoying your thoughtful posts.
Mostly, too lazy to comment.
I do love the way you reworked the piece in the next post! Less contained is more interesting.