Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Art is Everywhere

I was so fascinated yesterday when the workman fitting our new windows suggested he change the way the framing was done so that it would be more harmonious with the  siding on the house. 


After complimenting him (to his embarrassment as his mates were chortling!) on his application of one of the main principles of art to his work, I started thinking how true those principles are for many different situations.  It’s important that things are in harmony but too much and there’s no change – and no scientific discoveries….or we get bored and dull and life is grey.








affluentdetail2                                         We need some repetition in our lives,  rhythms like the rhythm of the seasons, the daily routines and rhythms of our lives…and we do need to be able to predict what will happen…But again, a little variety and syncopation keeps us interested and alert.  “They” used to think that human beings required perfect balance – stasis – to function best, but now it’s realised that being a little off kilter is actually much better for you!  Don’t always stand 4 square on 2 feet – try balancing on one leg for a while!




aqn ym collage 2



Things should be in proportion…we’ve lost that in many areas: houses with Giant “great rooms”  - more like grat(ing on the nerves) rooms,   while the kitchens  are pokey and the gardens practically non existent….Enormous televisions with very very small mindless programs, hype in so many things, but little substance,  and overpackaging!


And, oh the excessive twaddle up with which we have to put (thank you, Sir Winston!).    Let us artists lead the way to simplicity,directness and clarity and eschew all obfuscating redundancies!

Let us live by the principles of art!  And, if you have been, thanks for reading!  Elizabeth

and please, check out the Small Art Showcase my good friend Jeanne Williamson has organized..and now I need to go and check on those workmen!


Jackie said...

What is the last piece in this posting? I don't think I've seen it before and am intrigued by it! Great lines and colors--please tell us more!

Elizabeth Barton said...

it was called y/m collage (just because I could never think of a "proper"title and that was the working in the collection of the Bascom art Center. I was happy for it to take first place in the art show and then have the juror call and offer me a solo in his gallery!! a good piece. 5 years ago, maybe. Elizabeth

Anonymous said...