Sunday, October 5, 2008

Supporting other fibre artists

It's very important to support other artists!
Walk through your house and take down any "second hand" reproduction art!!
Clear the way for the real stuff!

I love being able to own pieces by other fibre artists.
Although the works are usually small ( partially for budgetary concerns and also because we like windows and have 74 of them - which doesn't leave a lot of wall space!) they give me joy and interest every day.

Small pieces are little jewels that are easily purchased, easily hung, easily moved..
.I always have a few within glancing distance of my computer and my sewing machine.

This last year I acquired two new fibre pieces - you won't be surprised to learn that they are by two of my favorites: Pauline Burbidge and Elizabeth Brimelow.

Pauline stitched this black and white (my current favorite colour scheme!) piece based on a sketch made of a gorgeous part of Scotland - NW coast - called Applecross - you can see across lochs on either side of the Applecross hills.

Elizabeth Brimelow made this piece working from her sketches of shingle on the East Anglia coast.

while I would love to own a Dorothy Caldwell, I don't ..yet! - she's on my wish list!
I do have several pieces by other inspiring folk:
this one is by Susan Shie - it has little polished rocks stitched all round the outside and the texture is marvelously tactile. I photographed against the blue background - that's not part of the piece but I love the way it makes the saint pop!

This is an example of Claire Verstegen's work - she is an amazing screenprinter -
with her layers of images, building colour and masking out.

Dominie Nash - one of her landscape pieces - a mysterious countryside where anything might happen!

Linda Levin - another landscape, it has a romantic Victorian feel with the unusual colours of the disperse dyes she used.

Jeanne Williamson - before she discovered the construction fences that have kept her in place for a while now!!
A lovely detailed strong and balanced little composition.

Kerr Grabowski
: her wonderfully Zen loose swirls with a syringe filled with dye onto a screen.

There is a vogue for smaller "domestic" pieces and those of you living near the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles will be able to see a whole show of such pieces on November 7th. they are hoping to sell a great number in an exciting event called High five. the event will benefit all: the museum, the artists and the new collectors. Annual auctions of smaller pieces are so popular they are now a feature of a number of organizations.

so...think about it!!! support the artists! and- by the way - the one at the top is my small study piece for my next series.
and, if you have been, thanks for reading!
PS - an interesting table showing whether the two major candidates for the coming election support artists can be found on the Arts vote site.

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Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

So true, it is good to support other artists...... You have a great collection.

I shall do the same in near future and post the works I own by artists I admire.