Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What I’ve been getting up to

When I visited Cindy Friedman in Philadelphia after the Art Quilt Elements jurying, I saw a lovely little row of shadow boxes in her living room.  They looked like so much fun I thought I’d try my hand especially as I’m going to need small work for the Studio Group Sale which starts in 2 days!! 

fallsale2001 If you’re in Athens any of these days come and visit us – I’ll be desperately ready for a chat!!  the show is at the ATHICA gallery which is in the Chase St Warehouses, Tracy St – basically just behind Boulevard.

shadow boxes 1-4


So two needs coincided: the need for small work for the show, and the need to try out the shadow box idea!  Especially with silk…I was just about to drop a box of silk scraps off at the thrift store (where I’m afraid I probably took the quilt I lost – I’m such an avid chucker outer!)….I snagged back my box of silk and cut it up into these little fellows and they came out quite well surprisingly!



shadow box neighborhood shadow box trees









Above two neighborhood pictures and below two birds…


shadow box angry crow

shadow box condor








Forgive the reflections – I have no idea how to photograph through glass!  Now I must decide what to charge for these little fellows.  Unfortunately even though the boxes are only 8” x 10”, they cost $14 each (shipping or tax, they get you either way brings the price up).  Then there’s a couple of hours of work involved with each one.  In Philadelphia, they sell for $125 apparently, but this isn’t Philadelphia!!

so…any suggestions?…….and I’d love to see you at the show!  
If you have been, thanks for reading…..Elizabeth


Elsie Montgomery said...

Oh, these are lovely! I particularly like the birds. I've made a few small framed items like this but like them so much that they are not for sale - yet. Pricing is always a challenge. By the way, I finished my quilt from your online design class and really like the result. Keep up the great job of encouraging the rest of us!

Jackie said...

How did you assemble them? Not by f#@#$#@%^< I assume?

Linda Cline said...

These look wonderful. The last time I bought frames, I paid about $14 for the same size frame which didn't include a mat board and glazing. I would like to know where you purchased your frames if you don't mind sharing.

Anonymous said...

These are so wonderful! I tried this type of thing but with small frames we can get at the Christmas Tree shops. They cost about $6-$15 depending on size. They have glass but are not deep like a shadow box. Would you share where you got these? As for price; $125.00 doesn't seem bad but I guess it would help to lower them a little. What about $85 or $95?

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth
I guess signing in on anonymous doesn't let you know who wrote the comment.
Sorry should have signed it.
Linda G

Elizabeth Barton said...

I got them from Get Smart products
on Cindy's recommendation. They are very easy to use. You do need to have the artwork stitched onto something firm though. I had just been sent some heavy duty or extra heavy duty fusing (I think!) stuff as a sample - I didn't fuse them to it but stitched to it, it was a stiff open weave so easy to work.
I think you might be able to take any frame though and just add a little spacer of some kind.
thanks for the comments! I'll write a report on the show and sale - I do hope it's "and"!!! because I just signed up for an expensive watercolor workshop!!!