Friday, November 25, 2011

Quilt University

I’m starting two 4 lesson classes at Quilt University in January: Inspired to Design in the first week and Working in Series in the last week.    I just received a note from the Dean to say that 

“Registration for all January classes is now open.  Because the winter months are our busiest time of the year, many classes are filled by the time we send the January newsletter.  If there is a course you are especially interested in, I hope you will find time to visit the site and register early so you will not be disappointed. '”

Taking a class online in the winter is great because you don’t have to turn out in the wet and cold!

If you haven’t taken a class with me before, I’d start with Inspired to Design.  It covers some of my design methods right from the beginning:  all the steps from choosing an inspiration, through drawing designs, choosing a color scheme, cutting out the shapes and pinning them together on the design wall, sewing together, machine quilting and finishing.

Working in Series is for people who are at a stage where they feel as if they want to go further into this wonderful art form and develop their own style, their own voice. 

I think it would be too much work to try to do the classes at the same time, and I’m sure they’ll both be repeated in the Spring so I don’t recommend that you sign up for both.

It’s fine to repeat a class, in fact I would think you’ll probably get more out of it the second  (or even the third) time around; there’s a lot of information to digest and the Discussion Forum is very active.

The fun thing is that people from all over the world take the classes, so you learn what quilters on every continent are doing, what their inspirations and concerns are.  If people don’t speak English they use translation programs.

The cost of the classes is very reasonable  (under $40 per course) and I have kept the supply lists to things nearly everybody already has in their sewing rooms.

I look forward to meeting you in class!  Now…back to the sewing machine!   If you have been, thanks for reading!  Elizabeth

PS After Christmas I plan on developing a new class, maybe for later next year, do let me know what kind of a class you would like.  What’s the class you’ve always been looking for and never been able to find?  I have some ideas, but am very interested in what you might want.  Thank you!!

PPS If you're thinking of a special present for yourself or somebody else, please take a look at the pages listed at the top of this post! Thank you!


magsramsay said...

I got such a lot out of both your QU classes (even if I did do them the wrong way round!) I generated so many ideas that I'll probably be repeating in order to get at least one off paper and into fabric.

Each of your individual lessons could be expanded into a class there is so much included!!
I found the exercises on value particularly useful.
How to tackle larger pieces would also be good - I struggle sometimes with scaling up from sketches or sample pieces

Elsie Montgomery said...

Me too... loved the design class and showed my finished quilt this week. A few took the URL so they could take your class!

Yes Mam! Fiber Art said...

Thanks for the head's up, Elizabeth. I signed up for both (rushed to sign up and then read the rest of your blog. Oh well, I'll do my best!)

Cheryl K. said...

I have been enjoying your blog posts for ages and took a lot of QU classes prior to quitting my job and moving to the mountains - so I signed up. Thanks for the heads up - looking forward to dark days in January now!

Elizabeth Barton said...

thank you to everyone who's signing up! I do appreciate it. Mags, I'm trying to expand the lessons into a book, or even two books!! so I'm writing writing...I think I'm upto about 60,000 words!! Will, of course, announce developments , if and when.
look forward to seeing everyone in class!! Elizabeth

Yes Mam! Fiber Art said...

PS - I received a very nice note from Carol Miller, offering a refund for the second class. It's a great example of the quality of the QU experience.

So I'll be seeing you in Jan. and May!

Christine Nielsen said...

Just thought I'd let you know that I am in the final throes of work on three pieces for a SAQA regional show and they became a series without any "force" on my part. The ideas from your QU series class - particularly the first lesson - have really helped me stick with what I like and shove away many of the ideas which have cropped up along the way from idea to finished project. Better yet - I see lots and lots of potential for more in this series and last night an idea for a related series came up which would have me working at a totally different scale.

Thanks so much.

Christine Staver said...

I have taken both of your classes, but did not finish (or start even) any project. I would love to see a follow up class where we could get together with your guidance to post what we are working on from your class. That way we could get feedback from you as well as other classmates. I guess a sorta critique class.

Elizabeth Barton said...

Chris, thanks for the follow up class Idea...I'll think about it...just not sure if the sign ups would be enough. However, meanwhile, it's fine to use either of the classes in this way - several folk are doing just that. Glad you enjoyed, sorry you havn't finished anything yet!! but it takes a lot of beginnings I think..I know it does for me.

Christine Nielsen said...

I left a comment yesterday - not sure why it didn't appear. Just wanted you to know that I am in the final throes of work on three pieces for a SAQA regional show. They are clearly part of a series - and I can envision many more in the same vein and in related series. I took a lot away from your QU series class - particularly the first lesson. It helped me understand what I liked and that, in turn, has helped me push away some ideas that have popped up on the road from concept to finished product.

Elizabeth Barton said...

to Chris who's working on a series for SAQA: I'm not sure why your comments are not showing up, but thank you! And good luck with the series, I'm so glad it worked out well.