Saturday, June 4, 2011


I’m thinking of taking the axe to this quilt:

Window Seat 30"w, 37"h

I love its graphic nature but never felt it really worked in totality….plus I’ve just agreed to make itsy bitsy pieces for a local Art charity auction thingie (and don’t we get sick of requests for these!).  Usually, if I think it’s a very worthy cause and I feel guilty (they’re good at that!) because I’ve benefited from the facility myself, and with my education (12 years in a convent school), I know guilt must be expiated (!), I send a piece.  So Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts and Penland School of Crafts both got big pieces from me this year – and last year  and, come to think of it, the year before that too…at this rate I won’t need to worry what happens to my quilts when I pop me clogs! 
And then, a local (Athens, GA) art venue (Athica) put a nice little twist on the sale of the art.  All the pieces are to be the same size (a half sheet of paper, i.e.  5.5”  x  8.5”) and will be anonymous.  The artist will sign the piece on the back.  You won’t know who made the art until you purchase it!!  However, there will be a full list of the artists participating in all the publicity, so you can have fun finding out which is who!!!  I'd love to see this done in the art quilt world!!

I’d just turned down several other requests so the old guilt thing was feeling pretty active and I really like the idea of seeing all the work pinned up together on one wall and trying to figure out who did what, so I set to and made three little pieces and they came out so much better than I ever expected.  I never thought I could make a “quilt” as small as this that would have very much presence at all but I’m quite happy with these.

And so now of course, I’m sharpening my cutting tools and have the quilt at the very top of the post (Windowseat) laid out on the (ha!) CUTTING table!!!!  (so well named!).   Not quite sure how it’s going to be butchered just yet but I feel there will be some prime cuts available very soon!!  and I’ll post them in the “pages” that are linked at the top of this blog.

Sorry for sparse cogitations recently, too much family stuff and teaching stuff!
Just havn't been able to sit and think much, or even just sit for that matter!  And, if you have been, thanks for reading! And let me know if you're interested in a "cut"!!



Linda M said...

What a wonderful idea, I really like the anonymous part-everyone on an equal playing ground. Great idea for the art quilt world. I'd love one of your "cuts".

Elsie Montgomery said...

You make me feel the courage to put the knife (cutter) to a few of my less than successful pieces. Thank you - and your small pieces do have a large presence!

Nina Marie said...

I know you've reworked "dogs" before and I think it would be super beneficial if you show how you do this one! I have at least one quilt I want to do a total rework to but still scared to put it under the knife (figuratively and actually LOL!)

One thing that surprises me is that you've mentioned that the recession has hit sales in the art world - I'm surprised that "art auctions" as fund raisers are still doing well. Maybe there is hope after all!

Kerry said...

CUT!!! I agree with Linda M...the anonymous part is must know ones artists...and yours would stand apart....

signed another Convent girl...


Mary Ann Gallaher said...

I would also add that a great quilt should have background images that are as interesting as the foreground images.