Saturday, July 12, 2008

Upcoming workshop at QBL

I’ve spent the day writing out my notes and plans for the workshop I’m teaching at QBL July 21-25th. QBL stands for Quilting by the Lake and I must admit I signed up to teach because I thought there really was a lake!! But, alas, the lake is long gone!

My workshop is called “Inspiration to Fulfillment” and it’s about making an art quilt from start to finish but with a lot of focus on developing original designs. I’m hoping to be able to encourage the participants to come up with at least a dozen design sketches…and then we’ll choose the best one or two to complete. It is important to plan ahead if you want a good strong design.

I used to think that if I just got loose enough I’d be able to fling paint around and turn out delicious fresh watercolours….but the more I get into it, like any art, I discover that it’s hard work and planning that really makes the piece.

The painter plans ahead with thumbnail sketches, and practices skies and trees on scraps of paper, the potter turns pot after pot on his wheel, the dancer puts in long hours at the barre and in the dance studio. The result should look effortless – but that doesn’t mean that no effort went into it – far from it!!

People are coming from all over for the workshop: New York state of course, but also Canada, Florida, California, Massachusetts, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia. It’s great to meet kindred spirits from all over. I once had a quilter come from Australia to take a workshop with me and she was a real gem!!

Now to start packing….but no swimsuit!


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