Thursday, July 17, 2008

High Fiber Under Five

I received a request yesterday from the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles for a quilt that could retail for $500 or less.
At first I thought – I don’t have anything that small!

But the more I thought about it the more I realized the idea of having a show of small very affordable pieces is a very good one.

It will benefit the museum, the visitors and potential buyers and the quilt artists too.

The museum will benefit by gaining a lot of visitors, by making 50% on all the sales and by helping people to see that owning art is a lot of fun!

Buyers will benefit by the years of pleasure having a unique, original, personal and valid piece of art hanging in their homes. I have several small pieces that I’ve bought over the years and they give me inspiration in the studio every day.

Getting started in anything is very difficult and it’s important to make the first step easy. It takes considerable energy to overcome initial inertia!!! So if we can encourage people to start collecting – in even a small way – the ball will have begun rolling.

As an artist I will also benefit in that people will be able to own and get to know my art much better. If what I’m making is any good, they’ll enjoy it for a long time – and maybe one day buy more! And if it’s not any good – then they’ve benefited the museum and got a nice pot holder!

My personal definition of “good art” is art that continues to give you pleasure and joy for a long time, when every time you look at it you notice something new – a relationship of one line or shape with another, the intriguing after effect of one colour upon another, a background image becoming suddenly visible and on, and on.

I went up to my quilt “store” and looked through those I have and found several pieces (as you can see!) that will be perfect for the show: Friday November 7th, 2008, 6-11pm. Be there!


PS from top to bottom the names of the pieces are:
Foggy Day,
Village St 2,
Cloudland Canyon, y/m collage1,
Village St 1, Watersky,

Across Old Town, Micklegate.

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