Thursday, September 17, 2020

There ARE advantages!! Finding joy.


Life is very different right now...and it can be very frustrating...especially if you listen/watch/read the news!!! Between the virus, elections and climate change it seems hard to find joy.

Therefore, I suggest you turn your eyes away from those topics! And consider the huge amount that can be learned online.  I found a lovely little tutorial on a piano piece I'm struggling to learn by myself:

And there are you tubes on just about Everything!!

Here's one based on a lecture I gave at the local library:

and one on that very pleasant activity - ironing!

I'm using a program called Filmic Pro to make the videos for my online classes - and there are some really neat little videos about how to use it.  

But you know...there are actual advantages to being so restricted in one's life!!!

Both my daughters had horrible commutes to work (one in New York, one in Atlanta - cities notorious for traffic) -  and now they're working from home and have two extra hours to the well as less stress.

Cities are realizing that outdoor dining is much safer than indoor...and very popular! anyone who's visited Paris know that the outdoor cafes are immensely popular and busy everywhere...and so much better for people watching.

I used to work in a big health Center, they built a new one..I said make sure the windows open - oh no ,they said, the architects don't like that!!!  much better to have controlled air!! ha!! now they know that the safest air of all is....outside air!  

Another advantage: we're eating much more healthily, we get local produce (including mushrooms) delivered from local farms. Fast food is DEATH!!!  And as a Vegan I could rarely find anything palatable at the local restaurants anyway.  

Even the mushrooms are Socially distanced in the park!

I really missed dancing...but then discovered it is perfectly possible to dance at home.  Plus I get to choose the music!  No more hackneyed Country and Western for me, I never have to listen to that awful Possum song again!!  No more tired swing tunes from the 40s - you can swing to anything!

In fact, I've discovered the very best music to dance to is........ Bach.  Try it!!!  

I was missing I took my Bach to the Park!  and a group of us...8 feet dance to Bach every wednesday morning - you are welcome to come and join us!  If you hold your breath and ask them to hold can even get a quick hug too!  Bach and hugs!!! This is bliss!

I have ten online classes right now with  - I asked the Dean to make them all available, you don't have to wait to join a class. 

Also, while playing around with the fabric I had at home (although I did sin a bit with online ordering from Mood fabrics in New York!) I came up with a really neat idea for a bed quilt.  Ever so easy, also illustrates all the basic design principles.  I'm filming it now...will let ya'll know when it's done.  It will just be a short fun class, maybe 3 lessons.

So very many ways to find joy.

Please write and tell me what you have discovered...the positive side of our trying times.

And, if you have been, thanks for reading!!



Ellen Lindner said...

How delightful to read something upbeat, Elizabeth! You're right about the upsides of things right now. There are many. Like you, I'm teaching online (via Zoom, mostly) and I'm finding it great to interact with other quilters, and to deliver what I hope is exciting content without every packing a suitcase. I might be getting spoiled!

I'm pining for more in-person contact and am thrilled with what I still have.

My saying, "It's a blessing to notice your blessings." You're living it and I am too.

Elizabeth Barton said...

Hi Ellen! glad you're also discovering a positive side to this strange time.
I am really hoping that as a result people use Zoom conferencing and teaching...and travel less and reduce pollution!
Thank you for commenting.

Anonymous said...

I sent you a message and I don’t know if it went through. I love Bach! Where and when do y’all socially distance dance in the park? Yolanda

Elizabeth Barton said...

Hi Yolanda!
Bach is the best that's for sure...and great to dance to.
We're in SE Clarke Park, the Whit Davis end, Wednesday morning at 9.30 am for an hour. We're wearing lime green t shirts so easy to spot. just a small group.
come join us!! Elizabeth