Thursday, April 2, 2020

Love, Plague and Quilting!

We are enduring one of the greatest pandemics of all time...and I keep thinking about a book I read some years ago called Love in the time of Cholera by the Columbian author Marquez.

Here's a good review of it

In the story, the heroine has to decide between two men: she makes the pragmatic choice for her mate...but he is a doctor who is devoted to finding a cure for cholera...that's his first love!  and so.....we see how that plays out over time!

And it brings up the point of  WHAT we love as well as WHOM we love!
Right now, many of us are focussed on very dreary stuff - all that sanitization for example....our house has never been so clean!! Which is not a bad thing really. (I think!).

Also there's an awful tendency to stay glued to the internet or cable news for the latest disaster number...but actually - once you have the best game plan at hand i.e. staying home with sufficient basic staples in the cupboard to keep you going - it would be healthier to switch off the dire news.

There are good things to be learned, and practiced.   In my former life - of 3 weeks ago (!) I was racing around town, socializing, teaching classes, taking classes, exercising at the Y, checking out various dance opportunities - square - swing -  salsa - ballroom....
going to the library, shopping endless round of activity.

Now, I'm quietly at home, taking life much more slowly...and realising that I probably didn't need all that rush and bother!

Now I can relax with a book, or some paints or a pile of fabric and the sewing machine....
and it's great!!!  It's time to try out some new ideas...I have taken a lot of classes in the past, and also bought a bunch of DVDs, and I'm reviewing those and thinking where to go next.

 I do miss not having easy access to a teacher for critique/evaluation though.  and also the encouragement of fellow students and artists...

Noting that...I have made a point of being Very Available for critique/evaluation/coaching etc to my online students at
Take a class with me, and you can ask me a question any time, show me your work and we can discuss your next steps.  And that feels good.  For you and for me.  And that's what my doctors and my dear pedagogue are doing...
And there are lots of other classes on that site, and many other sites on the 'net.  Think on!

We actually can enjoy our various beloved activities in the time of the plague.....and that will help us get through.

And, if you have been, thanks for reading!!
Please add your thoughts in the comments....I will reply!!!



Ruth said...

Great read Elizabeth - yes I think we need to pull ourselves away from the news... it's draining our creative thoughts!

Sue said...

A group of my quilting friends (on a Zoom meeting) were discussing these subjects, naturally. There are people who just can’t leave the endless news broadcasts alone. I have limited myself for the past week now, to no more than 1/2 hour a day. My feeling is that whatever news is important enough will find me.

The thing about having all the time I ever dreamed of for creating presents another problem that I hope I can resolve in time. Somehow, it comes with a kind of pressure to create, which is stifling in a way.

This whole thing is a real exercise in mindfulness and self control somehow. I feel we will survive and learn from it, but damn, it’s tough some days.

Stay well, and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I always enjoy reading your posts.

Elizabeth Barton said...

Thank you for writing Sue. You’re right ...the news is addictive...but never is really “new”. Same mistakes, same shortages, same advice.
The best thing to get moving on being creative is probably doing some busy “making” fabric!
I was making circular skirts for dancing - alas not needed now...and may not be for a long long time...but that left all the quarter circle shapes where I’d cut out the skirt...I’ve cut the arc into a diagonal...sewed them together - pillow!!! At least I’ll get to enjoy the gorgeous fabrics I had bought from Mood...some way!!
Stay safe too...
There will be many good things come of well as the awful ones...hopefully more planning, more thoughtfulness, more community, less unnecessary travel - all conferences could be Zoomed..less waste...etc. Elizabeth