Monday, August 12, 2019

Abstract design quilt class

Like a lot of quilt makers, when I go to an art museum I'm usually fascinated by the abstract paintings...
because I start to visualize them as quilts!!
or at least certain sections of them....
Although I seem to be "known" for my quilts about old houses and streets, in fact I've made just as many abstract ones..

......and am fortunate enough to have two of them recently purchased for one of the public libraries in Atlanta!!   (see below!)   Great stuff!  Just when I was needing some cash too!!


I look at a lot of abstract art, particularly that by women painters...I feel more connection to them...I never copy directly of course...but look and look and think about what I like.
One of the things that always strikes me is the sense of movement...
so the quilt above was really about moving forward, yes sometimes getting a bit mixed up...but always a constant forward motion...

My Abstract Art for Quiltmakers class  starts again this Friday by the way...and this particular class is totally focussed on women abstract painters.  Just five lessons and very affordable!  And you have me at your elbow to help evaluate designs....or not! if you prefer to work on your own.
They said ten thousand hours AND a good coach is the way to gain mastery in an art form - or music or sport....

so I hear you asking ...and the other quilt that they chose?

well here it is:

This idea is "abstracted" rather  than purely non-representational...what's the difference?  Well I go over definitions in the class...but basically abstract is really anything short of realism...and you can get more and more and more abstract as you move further away from the physical characteristics of the subject.  yes!! fascinating!

So, if you have been, thanks for reading...yet again!  And do please comment, or ask me any questions you wish.  I'm here!   Elizabeth

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