Monday, January 29, 2018

The Modern Quilt...improvised....

I love Improv!! That doesn't mean that some Planning doesn't go into it...I think all the best improv starts  a well thought out structure  and then you get to feeling improvise on top of that...whether it's comedy, or music or  quilts...

As I look back over the quilts I've made - and there are quite a few! coming up to around 300's the simpler ones that I actually like the best....and they are so much more modern!

When I look at other people's work...and when I advise and suggest in my various classes I'm always urging for an elegant economy.  If you look at some of Picasso's early drawings and Matisse...with just the fewest of lines they create a whole world of impressions.

.....and of course some nice bold hand stitching is just the cream on the cake!  something that we as quilters and fiber artists can do that isn't possible with mere pigment!

and so I had a lot of pleasure writing the Mod Meets Improv class for the academyofquilting  coming up with different starting points for beautiful elegant quilts that are surprisingly easy to make.

I have a new class starting the end of this week, if you're interested.  The classed that the academy runs are very inexpensive...I just took two expensive painting classes, and honestly the class was huge and the students got Very Little feedback...and none of it with helpful suggestions for overcoming problems.  

 I really like to help people move forward in my classes and I think showing people how to analyze problems and then find possible solutions is what a teacher is there for.  I have been very critical of many classes I've taken because the teachers don't do that - usually they're just too nice, but often they have too many people and so simply iterate the original instructions...just too much effort to go beyond that.   it's actually worse in painting than it is in fiber arts!  but, it occurs everywhere...

.of course private lessons are really really nice!!!  as I'm discovering in several of my endeavors....but they are expensive and I think a small group lesson is a good starting point.

These are quilts I've made over the years that were not complicated, one is traveling with SAQA in a Mod Quilt show....others still reside here, some I've sold, some I've traded!!  Love a good trade.

so if you're looking for a new, fresh approach to quilting.....consider taking the Mod meets Improv class!!
I have an even easier class coming up mid February..but it's a lot of fun: it's basically a reality show!  More about that when I have a firm date for its running.....

Meanwhile, I hope you've enjoyed looking at these quilts!!! I love to meet you in class!
If  you have been, thanks for reading!!!  Elizabeth


Melanie McNeil said...

I always enjoy looking at your quilts! :)

Funny you should write about this now, as I just posted about Improv yesterday. The term "improv" seems to mean different things to different people. My context for it, with a background in theatre and a son who is a jazz musician (okay, he is a pilot in the Air Force, but he grew up through jazz) is different than many quilters'. Improv is a process, not a style. Here is my post, if you're interested.

Thanks as always!

Elsie Montgomery said...

Tonight I pulled several items out of the frig with no end result in mind. I started to saute the mushrooms and went from there. I wound up with a chicken/veggie stir fry and a crunchy salad, both yummy. As a new cook, I never would have tried this - I needed recipes. But now, with hundreds of meals done, I can make up recipes based on knowing what works (and apologize when it is not quite the best ever). To me, this is improv. It needs some experience first before taking off without a recipe. Otherwise, no one would show up for the meals!

Thanks. As always, good thoughts!

Karen said...

Lovely blog, I especially like the very first image, looks like the beach on the left coast!