Sunday, October 29, 2017

THe Christmas Sales season - make me an offer!

 A friend and I have decided to sell our work at a Christmas  fair!! or rather a "Xmas fayre in a Xmas shoppe"!!!! Yes I know you're puking!!! but tis the season and all that!!! 

She suggested I  cut up some of my quilts to make them into "bite sized pieces" - which actually turned out to be quite fun!!!  It's amazing when you do that, how you can discover much better little compositions within the whole.....I didn't take any photos....she's backing them for me right now!

But I also thought I'd have a"make me an offer" section too....let's face it I have a room FULL of quilts...most of them really rather nice, they've been in  both quilt shows and  art shows ...I have no spare walls left in my not suggest that people simply make me an offer?  Pase comment if you object...and tell me why? I'd much rather I had pieces out there being enjoyed by people, than rolled up in a room facing a doubtful future!
Of course I can always say: "well er....I've got a nice little bite sized piece here might suit your budget better!!!"

THe quilt below is for those that think everything HAS to be red and green and Christmas!
Everything you can Imagine is Real 49 x 34

Waiting for the boat 29 x 19

 How about the one above for the boat owners or rather would be boat owners in your life?

Four Rooms with a View 33 x 22
Or the one on the right for the literary types?
The First Machine 33 x 20

Above for those who like to take things to bits!!! and Below for the oil men in your family!

All that glitters is not gold 40 x 18

Ambivalence 35 x 48
this would  be a good quilt for those who can't make up their minds....

Athens , summer light 39 x 26
A nice one for somebody who like to trim hedges and keep them all very neat......!!!

Black and White, No Grey 38 x 53
Two black and white ones for the elegant aunts...the one above for the Political Aunt, and the one below for the musical one.....
Overture 35 x 47
Don't forget the train spotter....or factory owner.....
What Pretty Smoke36 x 43
Of course I don't know just how many would be boat owners, oilmen, train spotters, pollution inspectors and the like will be at the "fayre" but I shall have a lot of fun imagining them!!!

All comments most graciously read and replied to!!  
If you have been, thanks for reading......Elizabeth



Vini said...

Great sell at a Xmas fair AND to cut some quilts up to make affordable smaller bits. I cut those I dislike and usually end up with much more appealing compositions.
On that much for Athens? I love it! ( its large so I know it’s pricey, but I’ll ask anyway!)
Thank you. Enjoy reading your blog very much.

Elizabeth Barton said...

Hi Vini! thanks for commenting....why don't you write me directly to elizabethyork100 AT - make me a serious offer...and if Athens, summer light doesn't sell at the Christmas Show I'll consider it!!! Thank you! Elizabeth

Kathy said...

Wonderful ideas! Make me an offer is super, but I think most people would appreciate a minimum offer price...unless you really, truly want them gone. Maybe a pile of "Make Me
An Offer--Minimum $50" and "Make Me An Offer--Minimum $100" and then no one will feel like they are at the flea market nor will you fell insulted by a $5 offer for a hot pad! If it's at all well attended, you should do very well---and of course I hope you do!