Thursday, May 11, 2017

A new approach to classes

We're trying a different approach some of my classes at the Academy of

Both my dye classes and my basic Inspired to Design class  (Upon which the book of the same name was based) and  has been my most popular class.... Are now available "on Demand".    Which means it can take them at any time you like.
 Once you have registered, you can start any time you like as soon as we have processed your registration. You have access to your registered class for  upto 10 weeks. While these classes don't feature a chat group, you can post me a question at any time or make comment, or submit an image and ask me about it whenever you like.   You could even tell me a funny story!

If you've never dyed before and want to learn how to do it in the most straightforward way without having to dte a lot of colours you really don't want then I really recommend  Basic Dyemaking for Quiltmakers.  
 I've taken several dye classes myself and was always frustrated by coming home with about 50 yards of some colour I didn't really want..... In one class we spent a lot of time making a notebook with little squares of fabric in it and the recipes that those colours ....but I found that I never actually referred to that notebook at all. And I got very frustrated cutting out all those little squares and then glueing them onto pages! As those who know me can testify, I am not very good with fiddly little details!
So, I figured out how to dye a Basic 12-step colour wheel, using the most basic dye colours I could lay my hands on and simply made a little poster for the studio that had those few recipes. From that basic color wheel one can figure out the recipe to just about any colour.
Also, I've changed the recipes so that everything is a lot simpler and more straightforward.
I don't use more than two colours of dye(Except very rarely) in the mix. Thus avoiding mud!
It always made sense to me, to identify the desired colour and then look up to see what dyes might achieve that, rather than dying all the possible combinations! That way you end up with a lot of fabric you don't want!
So I hope my way of looking at things makes sense to you and I particularly hope you have fun in the 5thclass where you choose a colour inspiration e.g. a famous painting and dye all the colours that in that painting. Make a comment or ask a question whenever you want!

My second dye class is called Dyeing to Design.   This one begins in the same way as the basic dyemaking class with instructions on how to achieved various basic colours and values in the simplest way but then goes on to work through the five elements of Design: how to achieve  colours, values,  shapes and lines and textures.    These are the five building blocks of design sometimes called elements.   
In terms of techniques, the ones explained and demonstrated are low water immersion dyeing, dyeing gradations, arashi shibori, Basic screenprinting and deconstructed screenprinting.
Each technique also leads to a small quilt and I discuss how best to use fabric dyed in that way within the quilt.

My third OnDemand class is my classic Inspired to Design class.   This is about how to work from a photograph or painting or any source of inspiration,   creating several sketches and designs and then making a quilt in a way that doesn't involve templates,  large cartoons etc, and which focuses on good design above all.    You get a lot of personal critiquing with this class - if you want it of course!

So do let me know if you have questions about any of these classes and if you taken them yourselves before and enjoyed them, please recommend them to others since they are now available to anybody at any time in any country!    The prices roughly $10 per class and some courses have four classes and some five.

Let me know what you think about this OnDemand idea....... All possible changes can be made... We are very flexible..... Except and it comes to knowing how to make a decent cup of tea!
If you have been, thanks for reading. Elizabeth


Jan R said...

I took your Inspired to Design class a number of years ago when Quilt University was still in existence, and I'm sorry to hear/see that it has become an on demand class. First, we were able to spend time working with several ideas, some of which went no where, but I was able to have several possiblities of future quilts. Second, while students will get good one-on-one with you, they will not have the advantage of sharing with other students. We did much suggesting and encouraging each other as we worked through our designs.

Your class was a wonderful experience for me, and the original quilt, The Egg Rave, which was inspired by the back of a chair, was a growth for me. I am now getting ready to start a series using the oval theme for the second quilt with a third one running around in my head.

Thanks so much.
Jan Roys

Elizabeth Barton said...

Thank you for taking the time to write, Jan. it's just an experiment.... And if people don't like it we can easily switch back. But we had some feedback that people didn't want to have to wait to take the class..... So do I does know, everyone, what you think..... Nothing is a immutable!
And I'm very glad you enjoyed that class that you took. Elizabeth

Sue Smith said...

I have taken most of your classes on both Quilt University and Academy of Quilting. The only one I've missed is Mod meets Improv which I see will be offered again in October. I love your classes and look forward to taking more of both type of classes. I like the on demand, waiting for a class that is full doesn't always fit my schedule. Much of what I have made and continue to make are from information I've learned from you.

Thank you so much for sharing your talent.
Sue Smith

Elizabeth Barton said...

Thank you Susan...that's just why we thought we'd try it out...that way you can take a class at your own convenience!
let me know if you'd like a particular topic addressed in a class: elizabethyork100 AT yahoo!!

KittyAnn said...

I've not taken a class with you before, but I want to! Seems I always missed the sign up date or a class was full. So I am glad to hear of the 'on demand' option. I would like to take the Dyeing to Design class, am a little hesitant though. Wondering if I can keep up and do everything in the 10 weeks access time since I work full-time still. We the materials be available to download for reference later? Ann in NC

Elizabeth Barton said...

I'm very glad it would work for you, Kitty. Yes you can download the materials when you take the class - for your own personal use of course...
you can do that with all my classes. And since it's "on demand" you can work through the classes at your own pace.....look forward to "seeing " you in class!

Anonymous said...

I like on demand classes that fit in with your own schedule. I took a class on Ruzuku where the instructor posted the lesson once a week, and students accessed it whenever they wanted. And they could upload photos of their work, comments to others as well as the instructor giving feedback and answering questions. You could access all lessons and comments the entire course duration, and the site was available for a couple of weeks after the class was complete. It was a great format for flexibility and interaction.

Elizabeth Barton said...

thats exactly how my regular classes work - one class a week...everybody's images and my comments all together.
However the on demand will be pretty similar - except that you access the lesson whenever you want....your images and comments, and those of other students who are taking the class in roughly the same time period...and my comments will all be up for around 10 weeks - not bad for $10 a lesson!!!
I'm taking a similar class myself as a student from a painter and it costs a lot more...but it's going to be interesting to have experience on both sides - as it were! a big thank you to everyone who joins in....whether by taking classes or commenting. elizabeth