Thursday, February 9, 2017

Abstract Art: Advanced and Irascible

To the left is a monumental Beverly Pepper sculpture....this is about 15' high and Beverley Pepper is her 90th decade (yes there is hope for us all!!)

this is outside our local art museum...(on the right in the photo)

I'm seriously into abstract art!!  I started looking at it when I wrote my first Abstract Art for Quiltmakers class, and then got even more into it with the second class: More Abstract Art for Quiltmakers (by the way the first one is just about to start again this Friday; if you're interested go to this link)

When I started researching abstract artists I realised just how many of the Big Famous Names actually had wives who were doing work equally as good, and sometimes even  before their husbands had "got the abstract message".  Of course, as in music and politics and so many other fields, the ladies were overlooked.  And that led me to use mainly their work for inspiration for my two classes...and also to put together a (now very lengthy!) Power Point Presentation on female abstract art.

And then Denver Art Museum got in on the act with their big show of Female Abstract Expressionists last year.....and now our local museum has a very good show of the Irascibles - abstract artists from the 1940s in america.

   I'm so lucky to have such a lovely museum just 10 minutes away, no crowds, easy parking, free, extremely pleasant attendants!   So I thought I'd share a few pictures from their current show with you...and encourage you to really seek out good abstract art - it is SO incredibly inspiring for us'll come away with a million ideas!

apologies for my shadow on all the framed under glass pieces...why oh why don't museums use non reflective glass???!!!  And more apologies too for not giving artists' names....that's due to lack of time at present, each photo has to be resized etc.....but if you are really interested put a note in the comments and on a much quieter day I'll look up the painter for you.
What struck me about each of these, is what a fabulous design for a quilt...and...I think a lot of them would be quite stunning as a quilt!!!  A large quilt, instead of a measly bit of paper under reflective glass!!!  that yellow/blue quarter circles would make a great mod quilt!!!  I might design a few riffs on that to add to my Mod meets Improv class!!

well.....dashing off to a concert to which I've been looking forward...piano...or should I say Pianos!!  5 steinway grands with 25 pianists!!!  I reckon they're going to break the sound barrier.  I do hope they're recording this for Performance Today (a popular public radio show in the USA).....they often do as the hall has good acoustics.....

hmm first though, I think, a nice cuppa tea...wouldn't you agree? !!
if you have been, thanks for reading!!!  Be inspired by abstract art!!


ps...don't forget to comment!!!!


elle said...

You fo a good job of informing and inspiring. I have your books and once I get the compass needle of my life to quit circling I'll make the hard decision of which class first!

pam in sw florida said...

Piecing is my preferred method of working with my art and so my work is geometric abstract art. Thank you for this very stimulating posting. Many good ideas

Elizabeth Barton said...

Hi Elle!! sometimes you just have to hold that compass needle down!!!

and a hi to Pam really is a great little show...I'm going to try to get back there before they take it down......glad you liked seeing some of the work!

Molly said...

The old saw, "I don't know anything about art, but I know what I like" is alive and well for me when it comes to abstracts. Some of it I just don't understand and probably never will. However, after taking your classes and reading your insightful blog, I've begun to appreciate most abstract art at least as pleasing compositions and fascinating uses of the elements and principles. Occasionally, something actually speaks to me! So thank you for your continued inspiration and education.

Elizabeth Barton said...

thanks, Molly!!! I would say it's probably the same for me....ideally one should be able to borrow one of these works from the museum for a few months to see if it continues to interest over time!!!! I'll have to suggest that to the chief curator!