Thursday, July 14, 2016

The joy of everyday life

So what have I been getting up to?

........posing for our local - brilliant - photographer, Chuck Murphy.  He mainly photographs birds...but then, I guess, I would count as one ancient old bird!!

It's always good  to get your work out in public 
Although I'm very leery of hanging quilts in restaurants since I don't like artwork that smells of food,  I was very happy to take some work to the OLLI office at the university.  OLLI stands for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and is an organization of folk 50+ who are interested in learning new things.  Curiously, the branch in our town is attracting a lot of attention from people looking for a nice place to retire because it's an amazing way to meet new folk and immediately get involved in (far too much!) stuff!

The left hand quilt, Bluebeard's Castle (named after the opera) is one of my Hamilton steel mill series, the quilt in the center is a view of Athens.  As you can see I'm color co-ordinated!!

Apart from that frisky pup, the paintings are watercolors - the two on the right are views of the pond in our neighborhood - I walk round there early most morning and it's fascinating to see  the same view over and over in different lights.  I've done a couple of quilts based on this pond too:


.....and there are a lot more paintings of the pond, which I won't bore you with....

I find that nearly all my art work is about things I see or experience every day....I'm currently engaged on a series of quilts - abstract - that are about what my day feels like rather than the actuality of physical detail - it's quite a challenge  but it's so worthwhile to be really in touch with what you're experiencing...instead of just racing through things...
well...on with the day!
And, if you have been, thanks for reading...and commenting!  I do appreciate the comments very much.



Kristin said...

Lovely quilts and paintings, Elizabeth. I love the quilt in the middle - so cheery.

marj k said...

I would really like to learn how to do shibori dyeing. Do you
teach classes with that method.

Joanne Roth said...

I love reading your blog and its interesting to hear about your latest series about feelings.

Elizabeth Barton said...

Thank you Kristin and Joanne - appreciate your comments!
Re shibori - I do cover it in my class called Dyeing to Design.
It's five lessons with each lesson focussing on a different element: so week 1 is value (mixing dye solution and gradations), week 2 is color (mixing the major colors), week 3 is texture (arashi shibori), week 4 is shape (screen printing) and week 5 is line (deconstructed screen printing).
also each lesson you make a small quilt that utilizes the fabric you dyed that week.
My other dye class, Basic Dyeing for Quiltmakers, is more about dyeing different colors and does not cover shibori. Rather it goes into depth about the different properties of color, how to achieve them, how to use them.

Mary Ritter said...

This is a very cheery photo both of you and your artwork. I especially enjoy seeing the quilting lines, which don't always pop out in other photos. Your work always inspires me!