Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Master Class on Cape Cod

This was the first time I'd taught a LIVE master class...and how wonderful to be working with so many talented people!!

I gave three short talks accompanied by Power Point presentations to introduce the issues and topics I wanted to address...then gave an assignment and the students set to work!

Silence prevailed in the large airy room as cogitation commenced in all quarters.

Sketches were mounted onto design boards and we went round as a group for evaluation and critique....noting strong points, indicated weaknesses - and why - and possible ways to fix them.

Then the construction of several tops took place...obviously there wasn't time to complete whole quilts as a new presentation and assignment occurred every 8 hours!   Though there was overnight thinking and catch up time.

We also had a quilt show at the local Chamber of commerce, the opening was very well attended and the quilts looked great.  They were hung with "command" strips which I'd never seen before...but I was quite impressed...when we took the quilts down there wasn't a mark on the wall.  Much easier than rods and nails.

Here are some pictures from the quilt show:

and a few of the many designs that were made - I think everyone went home  with at least a dozen excellent designs, and some had many more......they won't need to take another workshop until this time next year!!

It was such a good experience that there may be another Live Master Class in my future...meanwhile I'm going to expand some of the assignments into online classes for the - don't look right away takes me months to put these classes together!
And of course I have a waiting list for my online Master Class.  Email me if you're interested.

and now...for a nice cuppa tea...if you have been, thanks for reading!   Elizabeth


Deborah said...

Dear Elizabeth,

I'd hoped to take this class on the Cape, but my schedule didn't allow this year. Would love to catch you next year if you teach another! Beth B hinted that you may travel to her state. Do you have a newsletter that would keep me posted regarding this and other classes you'll be teaching? If so, please include me on the list! Thanks so much!

Elizabeth Barton said...

Hi Deborah.....both on my website and on the sidebar to the blog, I have announcements re workshops that are definitely planned. Please look!! thank you.
And yes, I hope to have a w/s in Maine one day - the one contiguous state I've not visited!!