Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Magazine Interview and a Divided Quilt

No, the Magazine interview isn't about the Divided Quilt!!
 But it is about the quilts I've made - and not chopped up! -  plus a very nice interview I had with Rose de Boer, the Editor.
 The magazine in question is Quilting Arts Magazine.
The June/July issue is coming out on May 26 - alas I'm not a cover girl (well that was hardly to be expected with my hair!) but my quilts are on more than one page...somewhere inside!  So, do take a look!

And the quilt I divided up??'s the story.  I need two gifts for two ladies who have been very good to me, and they are good I was wondering what to take them...and then I had the idea of cutting a quilt into two and giving  them half each!  It's not a very big quilt...originally about 18 x 24...but I always liked it and it's travelled around quite a bit - time it got a good home - or Two Good Homes!

Here's the original:

I love cutting things up and creating new things...and in my classes I'm always suggested people crop their sketches.  So often we put Far Too Much into one image.

So here are the two....tell me what you think!!

I hope my two friends with be happy with them!  And that they think these are more fun than a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates...though of course it does depend on Which Wine and Which Chocolates!

If you have been, thanks for reading!
Love the comments....please, more!



Mary Helen in OR said...

What a WONDERFUL gift. Lucky friends! You cut them perfectly.

MariQuilts said...

Oh my......I loved the piece before you cut it but love it even more after. Both smaller pieces are wonderful!

kay said...

Wow! I couldn't imagine cutting up the original, but it works! (Reminds me of a story about a wise king named Solomon... But your story has a different - and equally successful - ending. In fact, a better ending, because everyone comes away happy!)

Elsie Montgomery said...

Your creativity never ceases to delight! I agree with Kay... it works and both pieces are super.

Josia said...

Hi Elizabeth, Congratulations on being interviewed and included in the next QA magazine. It was announced by QA in their last edition and I was delighted that 'my favourite' quilter is being included. Your work has been very helpful, encouraging and inspirational for this 'newbie' to the world of art quilts. Thank you and cheers, Josia

Leslie said...

Wonderful! I think that I like the 2 smaller quilts better than the original 'whole' quilt. I can see the value in cropping. And congratulations on the article - I look forward to reading it!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the large one, which is more about the subject--industrial image--very cool. love, love, love the smaller ones, because they are more abstract, very graphic like the whole, but the interesting thing is that my eye enjoys the negative space muck more.

Lisa said...

Looking forward to reading the interview! your hair? lol what a wonderful gift!!!

Melanie McNeil said...

Both are well-balanced compositions on their own, and both look "whole" on their own. SUCCESS! Lucky friends!

Gayle said...

I have just read the article about you in Quiltin Arts and have spent the morning finding out more.
I just wanted to tell you I love what you did in splitting th quilt. Both sides are wonderful.
I am very interested in your series book.

Elizabeth Barton said...

Thank you everyone - I do hope my friends like them too! and thank you for reading the article in QA - if you have!
I do have a few copies of my books left that I can sell - autographed of course...and Amazon has them both - much cheaper than I can see them for...but of course no signature!!