Thursday, April 30, 2015

Working in a Series class is open for enrollment

My Working in a Series class is open for enrollment at the Academy of Quilting.
The Academy is a great website with all kinds of really affordable classes - plus you don't have to leave home to take them!  And you meet people from all over the world - one of the really great things about online teaching.

I have 5 different courses on the website and each one runs twice a year...once a year I think up a new class and it's added to the roster!  So you can tell I've been doing  this at least 5 years....

The next class coming up is Working in Series.  In the very first lesson, these topics are covered:

  • what it means to work in a series
  • why you should do it
  • inspirations
  • using past work to chart your course
  • motivation, practice and managing your time 
  • ways of working in a series
  • how to develop a series
  • choosing your theme 
  • how long a series should be

There are four lessons in all and each one moves you further towards making the right serial plan for you - by the fourth week you're all set to begin and you have a rough outline of your next year's work!

The class is similar to the first part of my book Working in Series - though the book goes on to cover some other design issues.  The benefit of taking a class on line is that you get individual help with working through the exercises - also since everyone else is doing that too it really motivates you to get moving!!  Sometimes very hard to do...there's always some shopping or cleaning or correspondence  that seems to need  to be addressed!    But Making a series of quilts helps you in so many ways...and if you want to be a serious artist and develop your own style and voice, this IS the way to do it.

I hope to see you in class!
If you have been, thanks for reading!
and...feel free to ask me any questions about this or any other of my classes, in the Comments section.  I apologize for the security stuff, but believe me the one time I lifted it the site was Deluged with Spam, great whopping droves of it!!!

and thank you very much for all your comments on the two Athens quilts!!!  


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