Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Basic Dyeing for Quiltmakers: A New Class: You Do It!

I really don't like to have to use commercial fabrics and commercial colors in my quilts -
 I want it to be all mine!
 "Me do it" as the toddlers say!!
oh yes, I'm told I was truly one of those ornery independent little tikes!!

I really like to keep things simple so that's what I've tried to do with this class.  But I also like to understand how to make certain colors, and why some color schemes work and others don't.  And so this class explores some of that in a little more depth than usual. For example, one of the sections addresses neutrals in great detail: what they are, how to create them and why you might want to use them.
I also describe how to choose colors from a color inspiration photo, and then dye them all yourself!

If you’ve never dyed before,
 this is the class to take.
If you have taken a class but ended up feeling confused about the whole process,
  this is the class to take.
If you have taken a class, and felt like it was all too much work,
   this is the class to take!
If you have taken a class and had wimpy or muddy results,
   this is the class to take!
If you have read about a class where you had to dye thousands of little square samples before you could even think about what you needed to make that quilt you have in mind,
   this is the class to take!

If you want to be able to dye a reasonable approximation of any color you see anywhere,
   this is the class to take!

There's still time to sign up for my new class for academyofquilting.com which starts on Friday Jan 2nd!   Academy of Quilting classes are priced very reasonably - they suit any pocket, you can study and learn all sorts of things in your own home.  I love online classes - no travel, no worrying about airports, no traffic jams, no trying to figure out who should look after things at home.  Plus in online classes you get to meet people from all over the world!!  Do join us!

And, if you have been, thanks for reading!!
A Happy New Year to Everyone - full of the Joys of Learning!!  Elizabeth

PS all the quilts shown are ones I've made with my own hand-dyed fabrics


Mary Helen in OR said...

I took this class in the final rush before the close of Quilt University and learned sooo much!! I think that this is a class for people who want to understand color even if they don't want to do the actual dying. Elizabeth is a fantastic teacher; kind but insightful in comments, prompt to respond. I may take this class again because she has so much to share and I can learn from the discussion.

Kathy said...

I hope this class will be repeated in the late Spring or Summer or Autumn. Winter means lack of space for me. During the other seasons, I can put stuff that is in the way outside or work in unheated rooms if I need more room. I was very tempted this time around until I came to my senses about the temperatures right now. Unheated spaces aren't the option at the moment.