Sunday, July 20, 2014

Abstract Art for Quiltmakers - the students' favorites

I currently have a class running at  called Abstract Art for Quiltmakers.
It's full, by the way, but will be running again later this year - if you're interested please just contact the dean:

 In the class we discuss abstract painting, but also look at some of the current abstract work in the quilt field.  I ask the students to list their favorites.

This is a list compiled by one of the students of the quilters that the ladies in the class have felt they liked the most who are doing abstract work.

If you think there's anyone significant whom they missed - please do give their name and a link to their website in the comments box - then everyone will take a look!!
Apologies for the weird formatting - believe me I worked on it!!!   but now it's time for a cuppa tea and then some quilting!!!   Elizabeth

Famous Quilters list
Type of Abstract Art
Anna Williams
Decorative Patterning
Barbara Olson
Color & light
Carol Taylor
Emotional & Organic
Dena Crain
Joy Saville
Color & Light
Sue Benner
Katie Pasquini

Elizabeth Busch
Decorative patterning
Velda Newman
Emotional & Organic
Linda Colsh
Decorative patterning
Rosalie Dace
Decorative patterning
Yvonne Porcella
Robbie Joy Eklow
Decorative patterning
Sandra Meech

Ricky Tims

Rosemary Eichorn

Pamela Allen
Emotional or organic
Nancy Cook
Nancy Crow
Decorative patterning
Ruth McDowell
Liz Berg

Melody Johnson

David Walker

Lisa Call
Decorative patterning
Inge Hueber
Decorative patterning
Cherilyn Martin
Emotional or organic
Jette Clover
Ann Brauer
Bonnie Bucknam
Emotional or organic
Mary Arnold

Dominie Nash
Emotional or organic
Liz Brooke Ward
Emotional or organic
Terry Jarrard Dimond

Ita Ziv

Cher Cartwright
Jenny Hearn
Charlotte Yde
Geometric & organic
Cheryl Lynch

Gloria Hansen


Gerrie said...

Deirdre Adams, Regina Benson, Cynthia Corbin, Elizabeth Barton (smile), Wen Redmond,

Virginia Greaves said...

Joe Cunningham

shilsenbeck said...

Jean Wells?
Kind of depends on how you define "abstract art"

shilsenbeck said...

Jean Wells

Marianne said...

Jeanne Williamson
Fenella Davies
Anne Woringer
Michael James
Laura Carter-Wood
Janet Steadman

Anonymous said...

Maria Shell

Anonymous said...

What an especially nice thing for your student to do and what a generous gift you have given all of us to share this on your blog. You continue to amaze me. Thanks
Mary Helen in OR

Dolores Miller said...

Nelda Warkentin

Jeannette DeNicolas Meyer

Ginny said...

Pat Pauley

Ginny said...

Oops--I sent the blog instead of the website for Pat Pauly.

Janet W said...

The mother of us all: Nancy Crow.

Kathy said...

Gwen Marston deserves a vote, too.

Ann Knickerbocker said...

Judy Martin, of Ontario... again, depending on how you define abstract... she has a fabulous website:

Monica McGregor said...

Nice list. Here are a few more:

Eleanor McCain (
Jan Myers-Newbury (
Dorothy Caldwell (
Michael James (
Pauline Burbidge (
Joan Schulze (
Judith Larzelere (

Judith said...

Thank you so much for the excellent list of artists/quilters. Great resource. So is you whole blog.

LindaD said...

I will add Betty Busby to the list (