Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Academy class starts this week: Inspired to Design

A New Day
I love starting a new class - whether I'm teaching it or taking it!  And I'm starting a new Inspired to Design class this Friday with www.academyofquilting.com  .  This class is based on my book "Inspired to Design" and covers pretty much the same ground.  The benefit of taking it online is that you have me at your fingertips (as it were!) while still warm and cozy in your own home studio.
In the class we work our way through the seven steps involved in finding an inspiration, developing study sketches from it, working through variations on those sketches, choosing colors etc and then enlarging the design using a grid.  Then the fun begins as you begin to cut fabric and assemble the quilt on the design wall and your art work blossoms!!  At every stage I'm there to answer questions or give advice - and so are fellow class members from around the world.  I do love the international flavor of the online classes.

I'm taking a new class myself this week - our local university music school is encouraging the community to take classes learning various instruments and the basics of music.  I've been enjoying learning the piano so much I thought it was time I had a little theory!!  my ideas that music comes in the key of one flat or one sharp, or maybe more, certainly need a little organization!!  If you've been wondering how to combat old age - forget those anti-wrinkle creams!  Instead learn something new!  It definitely works to ward off the effects of creeping time, unlike the emollients!

And I've been developing a new online class.  It's called Abstract Art for Quiltmakers and it will be starting at the academyofquilting in May.  February is Inspired to Design, March is Working in Series, April is Dyeing to Design and May is the Abstract Art.

Then I'm going to take June off to go to France and be inspired myself!  Visit the sites I've long wanted to see: Chartres, Paris, Giverny and the Bayeux tapestry - one of the oldest European hand stitched textiles in existence (11th century). It's listed as a "Memory of the World".  Isn't that a marvelous concept?   One of the memories of the world is a textile embroidered by women a thousand years ago.

And now to start a new day for myself.....
If you have been, thanks for reading!  And learn something new!   Elizabeth


elle said...

wonderful. and good for you taking time to combat the age thing. I'm too busy to get old! lol

Jackie said...

I greatly enjoy and appreciate your excitement about learning! There's something magical about actually seeing things we've heard about all our lives, isn't there!