Saturday, July 20, 2013

High on a Mountain Top!

 I'm on retreat! something all artists should do - high on a mountain top off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina taking a couple of art classes and thinking about new ideas for the work ahead.  And more importantly talking art art art with like minded folk!
This is sunrise...amazingly beautiful sunrises over the distant hills.....
and the picture below is the "smokiness" of the Smokies after one of the many sudden heavy rain all those shades of grey.

Alas (or is it fortunately?!!) internet is limited, one has to return to civilization to find an internet cafe which I'm doing right now sharing a booth with a very young couple  and a 3 week old babe who obviously loves black and white - the child has great taste! 

Give yourself a treat...and re-teat a little!


Georgina said...

Aw - that view - takes me back to my BF's wedding several years back! Have a wonderful time!!!

Nina Marie said...

I find my week or two in quilt (art) class is essential into refueling me for the year. Not only do I gain increasing knowledge - it reminds me that I'm not alone in my passion. So often I'm surrounded by people who love me - but still think I'm making "tapestries" or that my work is from patterns. sighhhh - so yeah I need my week or two away. BUT - I'm still thinking that air conditioning, WiFi and yummy food is essential - grin!

Leigh in Portland (we are not burning down) said...

I just got back from a spinning retreat (fluff into yarn, not exercise) and it was heaven to Be With My People. Enjoy!