Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New class this Friday

"Inspired to Design" - my most popular class starts again on Quilt University this Friday.  This is the most basic class I teach.  It's about taking a photograph and extracting lots of different quilt ideas from it. 

Ideas sketched out and hung up on design wall for review  
It also covers the basics of thoughtful design (I expand on those in my follow-up class Working in Series), and choosing a great color scheme.  I also go through how to block out a quilt working from a small sketch - no need to drive across town to the copy shop and spend money on a couple of large cartoons!  I don't know who started this idea that you need a full size cartoon to make a piece - certainly painters don't have that.  Perhaps tapestry artists do.
Here's the photograph   
Here's the sketch 
And here's the quilt!
as you can see there are some differences between the final version and the drawing - I like that - if you have the main shapes in places and the main values organized, then you can add little interesting bits if you feel an area needs them.  it's like putting a fancy door knob on the door of a house that is all previously designed.
If you're slavishly following a full size cartoon, it's a lot harder to make those little changes.  On the other hand if you have no sketch at all, then it's very difficult to have a good basic structure to the quilt design.

Eniow!  just some of my pet peeves...some people have marketing Mondays and wordless Wednesdays, I have peevish january the 29ths!!!
If you have been, thanks for reading!  And if you are signed up, I look forward to seeing you in class!


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I am in your class, and I can say I am so excited! Nina Marie turned me on to you. I so admire her ability to design!


Christine Staver said...

I think I will take it the next time it is offered. I was on Amazon and your book is ready for preorder. The cover quilt is wonderful.

Jackie said...

It was an excellent class both in person and online! Thank you! I'm sorry I must wait until mid-May for the book! Drat, but bravo for turning your talents to creating the book, I look forward to having it!

Quilterin said...

I am so looking forward to friday!

Elizabeth Barton said...

Thank you for signing up!! I look forward to meeting two of you!! Hi to Jackie - it's been a long time but I still remember your kindness and help when I needed it. Yes my arm was twisted to get my class into a book!! It's been fun, I've managed to get nearly all the decent quilts into one or the other of the books - the other one won't be out till later this year or next, not sure.

Linda and Michelle said...

Hi Elizabeth - LOVED the class - am still working with ideas and expanding on them - I've been very productive! Eventually I will take Dyeing to Design. And - saw the post before this one - I LOVE Andy Goldsworthy's work. Rivers and Tides was great.

Elizabeth Barton said...

thank you Linda! it's lovely to get such positive feedback.